Event:  Episode 197 – Witchy Wildcrafting with JD Walker

Cory and Laine of the New World Witchery podcast venture out into the wild unknown (and their own backyards) with author, Master Gardener, and landscape engineer JD Walker to look at the role of wildcrafting and using local flora in our magical practices.

Date: From 09/29/2021 to 09/29/2022
Location: New World Witchery Podcast
Website: https://newworldwitchery.com/2021/09/29/episode-197-witchy-wildcrafting-with-jd-walker/

About JD Walker

JD Walker (Greensboro, NC) is the vice chancellor of the House of Akasha, a North Carolina pagan group. A former business journalist, she writes a weekly garden column for The Courier Tribune and she has contributed dozens ...

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