An Interview with Deborah Blake

1. Your new book, Everyday Witchcraft, focuses on bringing spirituality back into our busy, daily lives. What inspired you to write this book?

I wrote the first book on this topic, The Goddess Is in the Details, back in 2009, and it has been far and away the most popular of all my books, which made me think it was the one people resonated with the most. And my life has only gotten busier, so it occurred to me that my readers might enjoy more ways to connect with spirit in small, practical ways.

2. You are a prolific writer, and many of your books (such as Everyday Witch A to Z and Witchcraft on a Shoestring) focus on being a Witch in a mundane, everyday world. From where do you draw your ideas?

From being a Witch in a mundane, everyday world, of course! But seriously, most of my books are drawn from my own experiences, or those of my group, Blue Moon Circle. I also get questions and requests from my readers, which might prompt a book (like the Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook, which I wrote after I got so many requests for simple, practical spells for everyday issues).

3. Why is important for us to continuously be renewing our spirituality as we go through our daily lives?

Life can be exhausting, and we tend to put out more than we take back in, which drains our mental, physical, and emotional batteries. Renewing our spirituality actually feeds those batteries, allowing us to keep moving forward with more energy and an open heart.

4. Practices in the book include five-minute rituals, "hibernation vacations," mini daily divinations, and more. How can such small practices reap such positive benefits?

Small things add up. It only takes a minute to hug someone, and think of how good that makes you feel! (And it only takes a couple of minutes to eat some chocolate. I rest my case.) There have been a lot of studies that show that small bursts of exercise are as effective as one long session—why should spiritual practices be any different? And let's face it, if the choice is between doing a few small things that you can find the time for, or doing nothing…well, obviously the small things count. Now go eat some chocolate and hug somebody.

5. Everyday Witchcraft includes contributions from other well-known community members, such as Christopher Penczak, Mickie Mueller, Z Budapest, Blake Octavian Blair, and others. What was the working process like?

It was surprisingly simple. I asked some of my favorite authors if they would be willing to contribute something, they all loved the topic, and those who had the time said yes! Then they sent me their material and I tried to find the best place to make it fit in the book. It helps that all these folks are fabulous writers and very professional. I look at these little added extras as gifts to my readers.

6. What do you hope readers will take away from Everyday Witchcraft?

I hope that people find something (maybe a lot of somethings) that will work to enrich their own lives. That's my goal with all my books—to help people learn and grow and be the best Witches and human beings they can. This book, maybe more than any other, contains a lot of practical, simple, and enjoyable practices that people can add to their existing routines without much time or effort. Who could ask for more? (Oh, wait…there's that chocolate.)

About Deborah Blake

Deborah Blake is the author of over a dozen books on modern Witchcraft, including The Little Book of Cat Magic and Everyday Witchcraft, as well as the acclaimed Everyday Witch Tarot and Everyday Witch Oracle. She has also ...

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