An Interview with Melissa Alvarez

1. Your new book is Animal Frequency. To what does the title refer?

The title, Animal Frequency, refers both to the vibrational spiritual energy (frequency) of individual animals and the process of sharing that energy with animals. Animal frequency is the process of first identifying the animal's unique vibration, and then attuning our own personal frequency to that of the animal, and then connecting our frequency with the animal's frequency during an animal frequency session to better understand the animal, to receive messages, and to grow on our spiritual path. Animal Frequency is when you take animal communication to the next level. You move beyond visualization, telepathy, and clairaudience to a deeper, more spiritual connection, through the transfer and sharing of Divine energy.

2. Your previous book, 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency, also discussed this energetic power. Is frequency the same in both humans and animals?

Frequency is the same yet it is also different in humans and animals. Every person, every animal, and everything on and of the earth, has its own unique vibration, or frequency. This energy is of Divine creation and comes from the same Universal Source. The individual frequencies of people, animals, and things all vibrate at different rates, which can be proven by science. At the atomic level the vibration and movement of a rock's atoms are going to be slower than that of a cloud. It's as Albert Einstein said, "Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter."

In 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency, I taught people how to recognize their unique vibration and gave them a year's worth of exercises that they could do that would help them raise their frequency to higher levels. The higher our frequency, the closer we are to the Divine and our true spiritual essence. Working with animal frequency can also raise your frequency.

While the frequency of both humans and animals are from the same source energy, the rate of energy vibration will be different based on each beings unique makeup. Just as our energy and frequency fluctuates from day to day and even from minute to minute, so does the energy of an animal. When you're attuned to the animal, you can gain a clearer understanding of these fluctuations, which makes it easier to understand the animal and its behaviors.

3. How does recognizing and understanding the energy of animals help us in our daily lives?

Animals come into our lives with the purpose of fulfilling plans we made with them while in the spiritual realm prior to birth. They are helping us to learn the lessons that we set out to learn in this lifetime. Animals often have messages for us that will help us on our life path. They are here to guide us, to help us learn life lessons, and they can help us heal when our heart, mind, or soul feels broken. Animals help us grow on our spiritual path, to become all that we can be and to learn the spiritual lessons we chose for ourselves.

Once we are able to recognize the reason animals show up in our lives and when an animal is our energy animal bringing a message instead of just another bird, cat, or dog crossing our path, then we're better able to receive the information their bringing from the spiritual realm. If you're struggling with a situation and are unsure which direction you should take, an animal message can guide you in the right direction. You'll also find that animals will also bring messages and signs from those who have passed to give you comfort and to let you know that your loved ones are still watching over you. Their messages can heal you, teach you, and guide you through life.

4. Is it possible to forge a more powerful relationship with our pets by recognizing their frequencies?

Yes, it is. When you communicate and practice animal frequency sessions with your pets, you're better able to understand the messages they want to deliver to you and what they need from you in return. When you do an animal frequency session with them, you're able to connect on a much deeper level. You go past the language barriers to simply knowing and feeling the exchange of energy at the Divine level.

If you're going to have a pet in your life, then you have to make a commitment to care for that pet—and what better way to do that than to learn how to connect energy to energy? It's easier to understand what an animal needs if you know how to listen to what they can tell you. Sometimes it's as simple as looking in their eyes and experiencing a deep, spiritual truth. You just know what they're thinking because you feel it in every pore of your being. When you can communicate in this way, then your relationship with the animal becomes more finely tuned and more powerful. When you're able to experience animal frequency you'll know the things that scare, upset, or confuse them, which can cause behavior problems. If you know the source of the problem then you can help them understand how to fix it and change the behavior.

This doesn't just apply to your pets, though. You can develop this kind of deep relationship with any animal through experiencing animal frequency. Now granted, you can't hug a bear like you would your dog or cat, but you can learn just as much and receive guidance, teachings, and assistance from connecting with the frequency of a bear as you can with your pets. Each animal that enters your life will have a different message for you. Some energy animals guide you for your entire lifetime, others will come and go. If you're able to identify, attune, and connect with them when they appear, then you'll learn many things from the animals that come into your life.

5. What do you hope readers will take away from Animal Frequency?

I wrote Animal Frequency to honor the animals that have been in my life, that are currently in my life, and those I've yet to meet. I've always drawn animals to me, but I'd never really thought about the why of it. It was just how I was and I never questioned it. Then one day I was out in the barn with my horses and I realized that I was connecting with them on the level of the Divine. I always ask them to share with me and reach out my energy to them and then I just waited until they responded by sending their energy to me. In that moment when I realized exactly how I connected to animals, I also realized that I was supposed to teach others how to do it, too, and let the animals be the guiding light during the process. That's how this book came to be and it is my hope that the animals I picked for the book will be your guiding light as you learn to not just communicate with animals but to share your own Divine light and frequency with the animals who come into your life with messages for you and who want to share their frequency with you.

6. You also created the Animal Frequency® Oracle Cards. How did they come about?

I've always enjoyed oracle cards and know many people who also like them. As I wrote Animal Frequency, I'd mentioned the book to some close friends and was asked several times, "Will there be cards to go with it?" so I started thinking about doing a deck. I know there are many times when you may want to pull a card to get information from an animal or to see which animal is going to be guiding you during the day. I decided that I wanted to offer an oracle deck to go with the Animal Frequency book. So I chose 44 photos of animals that I personally photographed or that I received permission and paid the photographer for use of the picture. I then used graphic design techniques to alter the photos until the energy of the animal intuitively felt right to me. I chose the card printer, packaging materials, and the bag that's inside, then created the labels and assembled and packaged the decks. The first 250 decks are also numbered and signed by me. The cards are just another way that you can get in touch with your energy animals and it was something I wanted to offer to the readers of Animal Frequency. The cards are available at

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