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Creating a rune amulet

Modern rune rituals are sometimes done entirely with visualization - the runes are made in the astral world and are never actually written down or carved on any material. This technique works fairly well, but it is not in harmony with the ancient practice. In ancient times one of the constants of rune magic was that the runes, to be runes, must be marked physically upon some surface. Only when the runes were made manifest could their power manifest itself in the world. Because this was the belief of the pagan rune masters, this article will describe how to make a material rune amulet for help and protection. You can carry with you wherever you go. This will illustrate some aspects of practical rune magic.

First, you must convert your name into a bind-rune sigil. Bind runes are single runic characters made up of two or more runes that share common elements. Write down the letters of your name in a row on a piece of paper, using your true name, the name you use and have accepted as your own. In most cases this is the given and family name. Do not use a formal name if you have accepted a shortened nickname as your own. When there is some doubt, choose that version of your name you feel most comfortable with. Usually this will omit middle names and initials, but not in all cases. If you are an initiated occultist you may wish to use your magical name, but only if it is truly the most personal expression of your identity.

Examine a chart of the runes to find the runes corresponding to the letters of your name in the German futhark. Some accommodations may have to be made. Not all the sounds in the English alphabet are in the German runes. Use Kano (Cen) for c and q as well as k; use Wunjo (Wyn) for v and w; use Algiz (Eolh) for x and z. If your name contains an ng, th or ei, use the single runes for these sounds. Write down the runes over the letters in your name.

Now form a single bind rune combining all of the runes in the name. It is not necessary to represent twice strokes that overlap, but only that you are able to trace completely any rune in the name by following lines in the bind rune.

Whatever your bind rune is, it becomes your personal sigil, embodying in symbolic form your individual essence. As you work magic on the bind rune, you work it on your own ego-self - the part of you that says this is who I am, this is what I want, this is where I am going.

Before working the actual ritual that will create and empower your amulet, practice drawing the bind rune of your name until you have it memorized. Remember, use strokes that run down and to the right. Discard these practice sigils after deliberately destroying them - never leave them lying around.

You will need an open space to work the ritual that will create and empower your amulet. It must be safe from disturbances and intrusions, and from neutral associations. Minimize as much as possible distractions such as bright colors, posters, scents, sounds, and clutter. Those accustomed to working magic can use their regular ritual temple and its corresponding astral temple. Into the ritual space put a small table as a work surface and altar. Bedside tables are an ideal size and shape. If you do not have a table to use, all you really need is a board or other flat surface to write on. Get a new white candle and place it in a short, stable holder so that you can set it upon the table during the ritual.

From a new sheet of paper, cut a three-inch square. Good quality paper should be chosen - you will want the amulet to last. Single sheets of calligraphy quality parchment paper can often be bought in stationery stores. Parchment is ideal for amulet making. Also buy a new pen with red ink - a ballpoint is fine. The pen must be unused and not previously owned by anyone else.

In magical works the runes are always marked in red to symbolize the blood of sacrifice. The ancient rune masters believed that blood fed the runes, or more precisely, the spirit forces manifesting through the runes. (It is interesting that modern voodoo worshippers share an identical belief regarding the spirits in their voodoo drums, which are periodically fed.) Blood is not strictly necessary in rune magic and should not be used for most rituals. It is not needed in making this amulet.

The ritual should be performed on a Wednesday, the day sacred to Odin, father of the northern gods and mythic discoverer of runes. Before beginning, bathe and put on clean, loose clothing. Pajamas or a loose bathrobe will serve. Prepare yourself physically and emotionally as you would if you were about to make love to a person you respected and wished to honor.
Enter the ritual place. Put the pen and paper on the table serving as the altar. Ideally it should be in the center of the space. If there is not enough room to move around it, put it in the south. Light the candle in the center of the altar top. Stand in the north facing the altar. It is best if the candle is the only light.

Raise your right hand and mentally project a stream of astral fire from your index finger, drawing it from a reservoir in your heart center, and form with it a ring around the ritual space that floats in the air at the level of your heart. Begin the ring of fire at the south and proceed sunwise, taking care to join the end of the ring with its beginning in your visual imagination. Project this magic circle by walking around the altar if you have enough room; if not, pivot on your own axis and mentally extend the ring from your place before the altar. Speak these words, or words like them:

I mentally extend this circle of fire about this place of ritual. Let no evil or discordant influence enter herein nor abide within its boundary.

Stand before the altar with your feet together. With your right index finger draw a large Os rune in the space over the burning candle and visualize it flaming in the air. Spread your arms so that your body forms a great cross. Speak this opening prayer:

Mighty Odin, All-Father,
Lord of magic, lord of craft,
Lord of battle, lord of song,
Look with favor upon this charm,
Guide its making, aid its working,
Made in thy blood and in thy name.

Kneel before the altar. Take up the pen and pass its tip three times lightly through the flame of the candle, taking care that it is not scorched or soiled with soot. Hold the pen with the point down high over the candle in both hands as you continue to visualize the Os rune floating in the air above the altar. Speak the words:

Blood of valor,
Blood of pain,
Blood of glory,
Mark my name.

With each of the first three spoken lines, make a sunwise circle with the tip of the pen in the air over and around the candle, moving inward so that the point describes a spiral in three complete revolutions. Visualize at the same time the fire of the Os rune streaming down into the back end of the pen and filling it with flaming radiance. The ink in the pen mystically becomes the blood of Odin, which the great god shed in sacrifice during his ordeal to attain the runes. The Os rune is completely absorbed into the pen. After you speak the last line, kiss the end of the pen.

With single firm strokes draw your personal bind rune sigil in the middle of the square of paper. Visualize the sigil glowing with power. Take up the paper and press it between both your palms in a prayer gesture over your heart as you visualize the sigil you have just inscribed flaming in the center of your chest. Speak the words:

By this sign I am known!
My name is ____________

Speak the name you used in composing the bind rune. Mentally identify yourself with the sigil upon the paper. You must feel a unity between yourself and the sigil.

Put the paper back on the altar, and with the pen draw the Eolh rune above the bind rune. Visualize it flickering upon the paper. Speak these words directly to the Eolh rune, as you would to a living being:

Lord of Eolh,
Grant me protection.

Draw the Nyd rune below the bind rune, and speak these words to it:

Lord of Nyd,
Grant me endurance.

Draw the Os rune to the left of the bind rune and say to it:

Lord of Os,
Grant me eloquence.

Draw the Tyr rune to the right of the bind rune and say to it:

Lord of Tyr,
Grant me courage.

Pull a single hair out of your head and make the loop of a knot in it without pulling the knot tight. Hold the hair up in both hands and look through the loop at the Eolh rune. Slowly pull the loop tight as you say:

Power of Eolh,
I bind thee in my service.

Make a second loop and look through it at the Nyd rune so that the ring of hair surrounds the rune. Pull the knot tight as you say:

Power of Nyd,
I bind thee in my service.

Make a third loop, look through it at the Os rune and draw it tight, saying:

Power of Os,
I bind thee in my service.

Make a fourth loop, look through it at the Tyr rune and draw it tight, saying:

Power of Tyr,
I bind thee in my service.

Visualize the four knots shining with radiant fire like four stars. Place the hair on the bind rune and fold the paper in from the top, and then from the bottom, so that it overlaps in three layers. Then fold the paper in from the left and from the right. These four creases will result in a one-inch square of nine layers. The hair should be inside touching the bind rune.

Stand up in front of the altar with your feet together and spread your arms so that your body once again forms the sign of a great cross. Speak this closing prayer to Odin:

Mighty Odin, All-Father,
Lord of magic, lord of craft,
Lord of battle, lord of song,
I give thanks for the fulfillment
Of this ritual of making.

In the reverse order that you extended the magic circle, draw it back into your heart center through your left index finger, beginning at the south and turning widdershins - against the course of the Sun - saying as you do:

I indraw this flaming circle of power to my center of being and return this chamber to its common state.

Blow out the candle. The folded paper should be put into some case or covering so that it can be carried on the body as an amulet. The ideal holder would be a locket of gold on a long chain that would allow it to be worn about the neck over the heart. Silver will also serve. It is even better if the locket is made specifically to carry the amulet, thereby itself becoming part of the amulet. The paper might also be carried in a wallet or a purse, on a key ring, in a belt or behind a belt buckle, in a shoe or a hat, or in the pocket. Whichever method is chosen, the paper must be protected from wear and perspiration in some kind of sealed holder, or it will soon fall apart. It is best if the case is sealed permanently.

Do not talk about the amulet or show it to others. If you do, it will not work. To avoid the awkwardness of people asking you what it is, carry it out of sight. If someone does ask about the amulet, say nothing. Never let others handle it or touch it. It will function for you and only for you.

At moments when you especially need the power of the amulet, hold it tightly in your left hand. Visualize in the air before you whichever of the four runes best matches your needs. For example, if you are about to have a job interview, write a school examination or a difficult letter, give a public lecture, or try to make an important sale, visualize for a moment the Os rune while holding the amulet. This will further magnify and focus its power.

Do not call upon the power of the Nyd rune unless you are in a situation of extreme danger or hardship that you cannot escape and must endure to the end. The Nyd rune is not gentle or friendly, but it may keep you alive when you think you are going to die.

This is a highly effective amulet, but it will work only if it is correctly made. This entails more than merely following the above procedure mechanically. Before even trying to make this charm you must be thoroughly familiar with the meanings of all the runes, and have learned to visualize them clearly through your rune meditations. Practice projecting and indrawing the magic circle. This can be done for prayer or meditation of all kinds. A knowledge of Odin and his role in discovering the runes is essential. You should read all that is available on rune magic and perform rune divination as a way of getting to know the runes. Ritual work in other fields of magic is of course a great asset.

Most important of all, you must believe completely in what you are doing and conduct the ritual with the greatest possible care and attention to detail. Be serious, and understand in your heart and mind that you are making an important tool that will help you significantly in your daily life.
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