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Cosmic Gateway to Power Procedure

Introduction. This program promotes self-empowerment through astral projection and is sufficiently flexible so that you can adapt it to meet your own personal preferences and goals. The simple formula: 
                                        Discovery + Action = Self-empowerment 
recognizes astral projection as the source of new discoveries that motivate goal-related action resulting in your self-empowerment.

You can incorporate into the Cosmic Gateway Program such personal goals as problem solving, increased creativity, career success, enriched social relationships, self-discovery, and more. For best results, limit your stated goals to no more than three. Peak experiences that include enlightenment accompanied by an intense infusion of power often emerge during the cosmic gateway experience.

The procedure should be used in an indoor setting with indirect lighting and free of interruptions or distractions. Approximately one hour in a comfortable, semi-reclining position should be allowed but may be adjusted to meet your objectives and your receptivity to out-of-body induction. With practice, you will master the skills required to more effectively enter the out-of-body state and use it as a cosmic gateway to power.

The Astral Window to the Unknown. The only device required for the procedure is a framed sheet of clear glass which is used for viewing to initiate astral projection and facilitate travel to designated locations. The framed glass “window,” approximately 24 in. x 24 in., is mounted on an off-white wall at eye level to facilitate easy viewing from a distance of approximately 12 to 15 feet. If an off-white wall is not available for the procedure, you can mount the framed glass over a sheet of off-white paper or card stock.  Other options include a framed sheet of clear acrylic (often sold as an inexpensive picture frame) with an off-white back or an inexpensive framed dry-erase white board. Should a blank wall be unavailable, you can position the frame elsewhere, such as on an easel or hang it from the back of a door using a picture hook. Whichever you chose, dedicate the device to this astral work only. Be creative in securing this device or adapting something to work for this purpose because it can become one of the most important tools in your Psychic Lab. For our reference, we will call it the “Astral Window to the Unknown” or Astral Window for short. Here’s the step-by-step procedure:

1. While resting comfortable in a semi-reclining position at a distance of approximately 12 to 15 ft. from the Astral Window, state your goals, either audibly or mentally, and affirm your ability to achieve them through astral projection. Think of astral projection as your ability to access distant sources of power while activating the powers within yourself. State your goals in positive terms and affirm your commitment to achieve them. Visualize your goals, when possible, as realities awaiting fulfillment. 

2. Take in a few deep breaths and exhale slowly as you focus your full attention at the center of the Astral Window as a gateway to the astral realm. Clear your mind and as you continue to breathe slowly and rhythmically, expand your peripheral vision to take in the full window, top to bottom and side to side, while continuing to hold your focus at the center. Next, expand your peripheral vision to its limits by taking in as much of the room as possible—above, below, and beyond the sides of the astral window. Once your peripheral vision reaches its limits, slowly close your eyes. Almost instantly you will experience deep relaxation throughout your physical body. In your own words, affirm your state of relaxation and your readiness to now travel out-of-body. Affirm, again in your own words, your receptiveness to the empowering interactions that await you through astral projection. Finally, affirm your ability to end the astral experience and return to re-engage your physical body at will.

3. With your body relaxed, your eyes closed, and your mind cleared, you are now ready to travel out-of-body. Use visualization to imagine your astral body gently disengaging your physical body and remaining momentarily suspended over it. You will sense the disengaging process as a comfortable releasing of the astral as the bearer of consciousness away from the physical. With your astral body now the locus of your awareness, affirm your calm release from the physical and your power to now travel by sheer intent to consciously experience destinations of your choice, whether tangible or intangible. 

4. With the astral now disengaged from the physical and free to travel, restate your goals and visualize your destination. At this stage of the procedure, you may experience the accompaniment of a familiar guide or ministering presence. The travel experience to distant destinations is typically facilitated by initial travel to a familiar physical setting such as a peaceful garden or other serene place which is called the “launching place.” Travels to far distant destinations, including the higher astral realm, are almost always more effective when initiated from a peaceful launching place. 

5. Take plenty of time for astral travel to occur. Keep in mind that the travel experience is autonomous and thus, self-directed. You alone formulate your goals, and, through self-consent, use astral projection to achieve them. Likewise, your interactions during travel, including your experiences with a guiding presence or astral planes of power, are also by your personal consent. By assuming personal responsibility for the experience, you significantly expand its empowering possibilities.

6. To conclude astral projection, turn your attention to your physical body and give yourself permission to return to it. If you used a “launching place,” give yourself permission to return first to that place, and from there to your physical body. Once in the presence of your body, linger momentarily near it and then allow yourself to gently re-engage it. Upon re-engagement, focus on physical sensations of “being-in-body,” including breathing, weight, tingling, and so forth.

7. As you remain in a peaceful, relaxed state, reflect upon the experience and, in your own words, affirm its empowering effects. Remind yourself that, while the empowering results of astral projection may not be immediately known, every astral experience is purposeful and potentially empowering. There is, in fact, no “unsuccessful” or “meaningless” astral experience.

8. Keep a journal of your astral projection experiences.


Modifications: Step 2 of the Procedure can be adapted to stimulate ESP functions, clairvoyance and precognition.

Summary of Purpose & User Benefits: The Cosmic Gateway to Power is among the most versatile procedures known for astral projection and travel. Its applications as a gateway to the astral realm recognize the “holistic” concept that the totality of our existence is enriched when we assume personal responsibility for our development as soul beings. For travel to distant tangible destinations, the procedure usually requires little practice. Travel, however, to the astral realm often requires greater diligence. While the astral realm with its ministering guides and diverse dimensions of power are consistently receptive to our presence, initiating empowering interactions with them usually requires focus and concentration. By interacting with the cosmic realm through this procedure, we take a major step toward the achievement of our highest goals and the full realization of our potentials.

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