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American Middle Pillar & Auric Energizer Technique

Introduction. This is, in some ways, one of the more complex procedures because of the various items listed in the following tables that need to be memorized and visualized before the actual exercise is undertaken.

The psychic Centres are truly psychic, but their position is associated with areas of the physical body. We need to “open” them in several stages. And it is to be noted that this is an exercise that can be undertaken individually or in group practice as a fundamental ritual of unification.

Psychic Centers:
Location, Name & Sephirothic Correspondence




Above the Crown of the Head

Magnus Spiritus
Control Centre


Brow, between the Eyes

Mater Stellarum
Control Centre



Puer Maris
Bridge Centre



Aquilla Bellatrix
Sun Centre


Genital area

Alba Domina
Moon Centre


Feet together, at the insteps

Mater Libertas
Earth Centre


The language used for the psychic Centres is not important in itself. Hebrew and Greek are often preferred because of long usage and the ease of numerical associations in Qabalistic practice. Latin is used here because of its basic familiarity to English language speakers and yet it is not “common” to the—hence it has more magical, or sacred, potency than would plain, ordinary English. And, of course, Latin was long the sacred language used by the Catholic Church, adding that potency as well.

There is also the value of familiarity with the language as we associate the words with actual American images, as follows:


Psychic Centers:
Name and Associated Image


Psychic Center Name

Associated Image

Magnus Spiritus

Great Spirit, the “Manitou,” Sky Father

Mater Stellarum

Mother of the Stars, the Star Goddess

Puer Maris

Child of the Waters

Aquilla Bellatrix

Warrior Eagle, the American Bald Eagle

Alba Domina

White Lady, the Moon Goddess

Mater Libertas

Mother Liberty, the Earth Mother


These images are not the same as the particular symbols to be associated with the body locations of the psychic Centres themselves, which will be given next. However, these images should be sensed appearing in front of you as if “invoked” by the names used as sacred names of power. The images should appear facing the same direction as you are for they are part of you.

A note on pronunciation of these names for they each invoke a particular vibration that should be felt in the associated body area. In each case you want to break the words down into syllables, and—giving each syllable the same weight—chant each syllable the same length of time. Always take a full and deep breath before pronouncing the name, and try to be at the end of that breath as you complete the word/phrase. As you speak the name, you want to vibrate (Vibration is accomplished by a "quiver" at the back of the throat to energize the word) each syllable in a tone that is slightly lower than your normal speaking voice.

The psychic Centres themselves are not to be visualized as images or symbols, but rather as colored spheres of intense light, each about one and one/half inches in diameter, located—as indicated—either as a full sphere external to the body, or as a half sphere partially within the body and partially projecting out in front of the body. Nevertheless, you know and feel the half sphere as a whole one—the other half being internal. The actual Centre should be perceived as glowing as colored light.

Psychic Centers:
Name, Location, & Color




Magnus Spiritus

Sphere—six inches above head

Intense White light

Mater Stellarum

Half sphere—center of brow

Pearl Grey

Puer Maris

Sphere—Just in front of throat


Aquilla Bellatrix

Half sphere—center of chest


Alba Domina

Half sphere—genital area


Mater Libertas

Sphere—half below ground, half above—at feet

Rainbow of Colors

The Centres are activated sequentially from just above the crown of the head down to just below the feet. As they are activated, a beam—or pillar—of white light is seen and felt to descend from above the head down through the center of the body and just into the earth at the feet. This “Middle Pillar” descends to the point corresponding to the area of the Centre being activated, and remains there while you are vibrating the name, and then descends further as you proceed to the next Centre in the sequence.

Once completed, the Middle Pillar is to be seen and felt to have circulation both upward and downward as it connects the Heaven and Earth poles of the human electrical circuit.


Now that you have the “picture” and all the instructions, let’s do the exercise step-by-step.

The American Middle Pillar Exercise

1. Form the mental image of a sphere above the crown of the head in intense white light. See it, feel it, hold it! Take a deep breath and vibrate Mag-nus Spir-it-us as you exhale. Inhale and reform or reinforce the sphere and vibrate the name again. Repeat a third time. As you vibrate the names, feel the Centre itself vibrating. In your mind’s eye, see it vibrating. Feel the power in the Centre.

2. Upon an exhalation, see the Middle Pillar of white light descend from the Crown Centre to the level of the Brow Centre. See it, feel it, and continue to hold it there. [Note: The triune repetition of an invocation, mantra, aphorism, hypnotic affirmation, prayer, etc. has a long tradition you will find effective in other applications.]

3. Form the image of the sphere of pearl gray light in the Brow Centre—half in and half out. See it, feel it, hold it! Take a deep breath and vibrate the name Ma-ter Stell-ar-um as you exhale. As you inhale, reform and reinforce the sphere of light at the brow centre, and then again vibrate the name for a total of three times.

4. On an exhalation, bring the Middle Pillar down to the throat level.

5. Form the Throat Centre sphere in purple —totally outside just in front of the throat as indicated. See it, feel it, hold it! Vibrate the name, Pu-er Mar-is. Repeat as previously for a total of three times.

6. Bring the Middle Pillar down to the Heart Centre as previously instructed.

7. Form the Heart Centre sphere in yellow/gold in the center of the chest. See it, feel it, hold it! Vibrate its name, A-Quil-lah Bel-la-trix, three times as previously instructed.

8. Bring the Middle Pillar down to the Genital Centre as previously instructed.

9. Form the Genital Centre sphere in lavender/violet in the genital area. See it, feel it, hold it!  Vibrate its name, Al-ba Dom-in-a, three times as previously instructed.

10. Bring the Middle Pillar down to the Feet Centre as previously instructed.

11. Form the Feet Centre sphere in a spinning rainbow of colors in the insteps.  See it, feel it, hold it! Vibrate its name, Ma-ter Li-ber-tas, three times as previously instructed.

12. Finish at the Earth Centre between the feet, and see the Middle Pillar extending as a column of white light and vibrating energy from just below the feet up through the center of the body and out the top of the head.

13. Now, you inhale your breath, see and feel energy rise up the Middle Pillar from just below the feet to ‘fountain out’ just above the head as you exhale. See light descending from above your head to join that from your Middle Pillar, flowing down on all sides of the body to sweep back in at the feet so that you have an egg-shaped oblong sphere around you. See it, feel it, hold it!

14. Again inhale, feeling more energy from the earth rising up the Middle Pillar adding more and more strength to the power you are circulating. Likewise feel more energy and light being added at the crown as you start each exhalation.

15. Circulate the light and energy up the Middle Pillar and out and down the egg-shaped aura for as long as you can feel energy still being added to the circuit you have developed. Make this such a positive image that you can form the aura about you at any time without going through the whole exercise.

16. If working alone, you can end the exercise at this point, but it will be ideally repeated once daily.

17. If you are working with a group of individuals, each doing the same thing together in concert following the pattern as set by a leader, you can now bring the individuals together in a circle, arms joined shoulder to shoulder or hand to hand as you prefer, and form a single Middle Pillar at the circle’s center for the entire group and a common aura about the group Raise energy from the common earth center of the group Middle Pillar to fountain above and, joining with more descending light from above to flow down the group’s aura and back in at the earth centre.

18. Upon common agreement, you can change the direction of the circulating energy from vertical to horizontal moving clockwise around the group, and expand the circulating group aura outward to the far horizons of locale, region, nation, and the world as desired.

19. See the far horizons in the mind’s eye, and pour blessings upon the Earth as if rain falling upon parched soil. Continue for as long as you feel comfortable, and then bring the aura back to the group, identify with the Middle Pillar of the group, and then separate and re-identify with your personal Middle Pillar and aura, and then close down.

20. It is possible for the group leader to visualize the entire exercise without the members being together if the group is firmly established and the members have given their individual permission. It’s better if those members know of the Leader’s plan so they can participate in absentia. This will be more completely treated in a separate book on the Group Mind.

21. The exercise can also be modified for use by an intimate couple in a procedure basically like that for the group. Standing face to face, arms on each other’s shoulders, with the Middle Pillar visualized between you and a single aura around you, circulate the energies as before, first vertically and then horizontally. You can expand your joint aura to encompass family, home, the entire home property, a family business, and your financial estate.

22. You can also modify the Middle Pillar for the Intimate Couple prior to sexual union. After building the Middle Pillar and Aura separately, standing face to face, come together as above with the Middle Pillar visualized between you, your arms on each other’s shoulders, circulate the energies vertically, and then the male should focus on the Brow Centre and project energy to her Brow Centre. She receives it and brings it down through her spinal column to her Sex Centre where she projects it to his Sex Centre. He brings it up through his spinal column to his Brow Centre, and projects it to hers as before. Repeat as long as desired, and then complete with sexual union.

23. It is possible to perform the Middle Pillar exercise for the Intimate Couple even when they are separated by distance, visualizing each other and circulating the energies as if the visualized person was present. It does not require the other person to do the visualized exercise simultaneously. 

24. It is desirable to end the exercise, whether group, couple or solitary, with some positive act of body consciousness such as stamping your feet on the ground, shaking your hands, calling out “It is finished!” or having a long drink of water.


Visualize Images with “your mind’s eye”
Addendum to Procedure

The real value in the exercise is the expansion of consciousness that comes with expansion of the aura. In that sense it’s similar to other exercises that train the physical senses, that strengthen and stretch muscles, and that train your ability to observe and remember scenes in your imagination along with the ability to accurately visualize images with “your mind’s eye.”

It is also interesting to reach out with your aura to any specific location to observe activities as in remote viewing.

There are many other variations that can practiced as you gain experience, remembering that you are—particularly as practiced regularly by yourself—increasing your psychic sensitivity and developing your Super-Conscious Mind. You can, for example, center your awareness on any particular Psychic Centre and feel it for its own power and character. This is particularly of value in connection with the Brow Centre. Learn to feel the “space” that is back of the eyes, see that space fill with “light,” learn to project light out from the Centre, etc. Each Centre has its own Power, and as each becomes activated this power becomes yours. Because you are working within a balanced exercise, you need not be concerned with any danger of “ego inflation” or coming into contact with forces you can’t handle.

As a group exercise, it’s an ideal exercise for the development of the Group Mind which will be treated in full in a future book in this series.

There is one more set of correlations we would like to provide for these six Centres that will illustrate the further possibilities inherent in the system. These are familiar American symbols with very powerful energies attached to them.


Psychic Centers:
Name, Symbol, Elucidation




Magnus Spiritus

A Spirit Power in the Sky

Possibly “Uncle Sam” might be associated here, bet it would seem more appropriate to have a stern “presidential” head in clouds

Mater Stellarum

The Star Spangled Banner or a woman soldier with flag leading troops into battle

Could also be thought of as the Egyptian sky goddess, Nuit

Puer Maris

The embryo shown at the end of the 2001 sci-fi movie

New Beginnings

Aquilla Bellatrix

The American Bald Eagle

Great strength and far vision

Alba Domina

Woman in white robes reclining on a crescent moon

A huntress. Woman of allure. Woman as Lover

Mater Libertas

Earth Goddess in the form of the Statue of Liberty

Earth Mother is always pictured showing benevolence and concern


[Note: The names and their associated images listed above were developed by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke and Osborne Phillips, co-author of The Magical Philosophy series working together nearly forty years ago. The concept, however, is age-old, and draws upon both Western and Eastern traditions combined with modern psychotherapeutic experience.]

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