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Term: Mathers, MacGregor

Samuel Liddell "MacGregor" Mathers (Jan. 8, 1854-Nov. 20, 1918)—"The true magician of the Golden Dawn, S.L. MacGregor Mathers, was an accomplished ritualist. Of the three founding members of the Order, Mathers was the one most responsible for making the Golden Dawn a truly magical, initiatory Order."
SOURCE:  The Truth About the Golden Dawn, Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero
See also:  MacGregor MathersSamuel Liddell Mathers
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English occultist, 1854-1918. Born in London and educated at Bedford Grammar School, he came from a background of poverty and never attended university. He spent his early adult years living with his mother in Bournemouth, working as a clerk and beginning his lodge involvements with his initiation ...