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The Astrology of Your Child

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One of the hardest tasks a parent has is in developing and guiding their children's natural abilities. We all want to help our children explore their best potential, but we don't want to overwhelm them and push them in directions they may not be ready for, or even enjoy.

Going with your child's basic personality traits and temperament is a step in the right direction. Look at your child's sun sign, and see what it can tell you about your bundle of joy.

Aries: This little one came out with a bang, one way or another. Aries children may have the occasional temper tantrum, and when a beloved toy is taken from them, they will not suffer in silence. This is a very active child, and getting them involved in sports activities is a big help in directing their boundless energy and enthusiasm. Finishing what they start could be a challenge for them, so helping them see the benefit in completing tasks, is important. They are very affectionate children, and expect impulsive hugs and kisses, when you least expect it, but need it most, since they have very big hearts.

Taurus: Taurus children are very mellow, and love nature. Taking them for walks and stopping to look at the leaves along the way, is their idea of contentment. Later on as they grow up a bit, they are perfect candidates for nature centers, and will love learning all they can about the world around them, as expressed in their environment. These children like music and art, and activities in that direction will be enjoyed. Talking to them quietly and one on one about why you want certain behaviors, will be easily understood, and appreciated, since a kind word goes a long way with them, and their loving dispositions.

Gemini: You have been blessed with the little Einstein of the zodiac. Very curious, inquisitive, intelligent and alert, expect countless questions about why the world is as it is, and what makes it and everyone around them tick. Science and math are subjects they may be drawn to, and reading is something that should be introduced to them at as early an age as possible. Play dates with other children will be important, since they start being socially aware early on. Telling them why they can't do something in detail, helps them understand your reasoning, and knowing you are a friend to them works wonders for their psyches.

Cancer: These children are very home loving. Just staying at home and being with mom and dad and helping out makes these children feel safe and nurtured. They love learning to cook, and are very domestically inclined, even from an early age. They also excel in arts and crafts. Taking care of younger brothers and sisters, or becoming a babysitter to a neighbor's child, is something these children enjoy, both boys and girls, as they get older. At times, they can be moody, and alternate tears with smiles. The more reassurance you give them that they are loved and needed, the happier they will be.

Leo: Being in the spotlight is something a Leo child just naturally gravitates to, and encouraging that in the right direction will be the best thing you can do for them. Letting them participate in a children's theater production, even from an early age, will bring them a lot of joy. Having them be in charge of even small things, like setting the table, and praising them when they do well, keeps these sunny children smiling. They have a lot of love to give, and are very expressive in their emotions, so expect to receive colored cards on special occasions, with big I love you's and hearts written all over them.

Virgo: Having their own garden, even if it's just a few herbs in a pot on a kitchen windowsill, will give these children hours of pleasure as they learn the ins and outs of plant maintenance. They enjoy being out of doors, and marshaling their nervous energy into an exercise program is something they will enjoy both mentally and physically. These children are very intelligent and enjoy reading about everything under the sun, since no subject is too difficult for them to try to master. Your approval means the world to them, and will go a long way in developing their self esteem, and self-confidence.

Libra: You may think you were graced with little miss or mister congeniality, and in a lot of ways that's true. Libra children like to get along with everyone, and they are the team players their teachers and coaches have always wanted. Negotiating squabbles with their playmates and siblings comes naturally to them, and living in harmonious surroundings gives them the atmosphere they need. Your little Libra will benefit from taking music and art lessons and handing them paper and colored pencils will keep them busy for hours. Asking them to be fair will be easy, and reasoning with them will also be a breeze.

Scorpio: Halloween will be a big day for your little Scorpios, so letting them dress up and act out the part of whatever costume they choose will be a time of excitement and enjoyment. They are very passionate about everything, even from an early age, and will want to know the reasons behind anything you instruct them to do, or not to do. Intense emotion is a factor in their lives and always will be and showing them the right way to apply that will be one of the best things you can do for them. They love mystery and detective stories, and books on that topic will be gobbled up. Their loyalty to you and their family is boundless.

Sagittarius: Keeping track of your wandering centaur won't be easy, since they do love to travel beyond their own backyards. Exploring their environments comes naturally to them and taking them on even small trips outside their locale will fascinate them. These children love looking at maps, and reading about Marco Polo and his exploits will be a favorite subject for them. They are very outspoken and will be quick to tell you if they like or don' like something, and with their innate optimism they will be able to bounce back from any setbacks they encounter. Being your buddy is important to them, and always will be.

Capricorn: Still waters run deep is a cliché, but it's an appropriate one for your little Capricorn. Quiet on the outside, these children appear older than their years. Dependable and conscientious, they need stability and routine to flourish, but don't ignore their lively side which comes out in the safety of their home. They have a marvelous sense of humor, even if it's a bit on the dry side. Building blocks, and later model airplanes and boats will keep them fascinated for hours, and the detail they put into their projects will amaze their teachers. The more affection you show them, the more they will return, and that will help them a lot.

Aquarius: Outer space is your child's natural habitat and he or she has the imagination to be there. Your little Aquarius has a very original mind and their thoughts can fly out to the stratosphere at a moment's notice. Anything to do with science fiction will be gobbled up by this child, and letting them try to make their own inventions, with proper supervision, will set them on a path they are naturally geared for. They actually enjoy going to school, along with making friends, and they see the benefit of having friends from all walks of life. They need you more than they let on, so always remember that, and they will too.

Pisces: Imaginative dreamers, your little Pisces will have empathy for you and their siblings from an early age. These are the children who know when you've had a bad day, and want to hold your hand if you are not at your best. They love painting, writing, drawing, and especially dancing, and being allowed to express their emotions creatively will help them to channel those feelings in a positive venue. They are very sensitive so giving them extra time when they themselves feel a little down, will help them bounce back to their normal selves. They need time to daydream, so letting that happen, makes them relaxed and rested.

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