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Affirmations for Uranus (and for Aquarius)

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Affirmations for Uranus (and for Aquarius)

  • I am a caring friend to all.
  • I am spontaneous and original.
  • My personality is magnetic and all-attractive.
  • I enjoy change and adventure.
  • I am fascinated by life and am fascinating.
  • My motives are pure and humanitarian.
  • I live in perfect freedom.
  • I love radical change and upheaval.
  • I am fully awakened in the most perfect spiritual consciousness.
  • I possess dynamic willpower.
  • I am a creative genius; ideas come to me effortlessly.
  • Amidst the storms of my life I am poised; my vision is clear.
  • I am pervaded with scintillating intelligence.

Excerpted from Astrology for Self-Empowerment, by Dovid Strusiner

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