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The New and the News in Your Tarot Reading

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Curiosity is a great cure-all because it generates energy and enthusiasm. Even if you don’t have much control over your present circumstances, you can nevertheless indulge your curiosity with simple tarot readings. The following is a "card search" technique that gives you something to look forward to.

As you shuffle your deck, pose the request, "Please show me the next new thing in my life, and the next piece of news coming in." Or, more simply, "What's new, and what's news?" When you have shuffled and cut your deck in your preferred manner, place your deck face up, with the pictures showing. (I find that card search readings are easier when you place the deck face up and start from there, although this is the opposite of what you might normally do in a Tarot reading.) Starting from the top, go through your deck until you come to the first Ace and the first Page. As you come across them, pull the Ace and the Page, as well as the cards which flank them on either side.

The Ace tells you of the next new matter to manifest in your life, while the Page deals with significant information coming in to you, and can also tell you something about what kind of messenger will be involved. The flanking cards provide additional information on the nature of the new matters and news coming your way. As for the particulars of layout and interpretation, it doesn't matter whether the Ace or the Page comes up first. If you encounter several Aces before you get to a Page, or several Pages before you get to an Ace, just concern yourself with the first Page and the first Ace for the purposes of this simple reading. The news that the Page represents and the new matter that the Ace represents do not have to be related to each other. However, if your Ace and Page are of the same suit, the concerns of that suit are doubly emphasized, and they are likely to be connected. Also, if the Ace and the Page come up fairly close together, say within five cards apart, the news to be received and the new situation are likely connected; in this case, you would also look at the cards between them.

Briefly, the Ace of Pentacles can denote new responsibilities or financial matters; the Ace of Cups, new emotional experiences, which could lead to a friendship or even a love affair; the Swords can foretell the emergence of a new cause or conflict; the Wands tend to predict a new project or creative venture. If your Aces are flanked by cards that appear to represent other people, the new development in question may be brought about by others; however, if the Ace is accompanied by your significator or some other card that you identify with, this is likely something that comes out of your own initiative.

In many ways, the Pages are similar to the Aces just described, because they also tend to represent the arrival of something new. However, in this context, we are concerned with them more as messages and message bearers. So, the Page of Pentacles may denote a serious person, possibly a student, bringing news of practical or financial matters. The Page of Swords has traditional associations with gossip and spying, though in less negative circumstances, he or she could be a clever, observant person bringing strategic information pertaining to the solution of a problem. The Page of Cups could especially turn out to be a sensitive child, or bear news pertaining to children's matters and the things of youth, or even news of a pregnancy. The Page of Cups could also bring a message of affection, possibly a love letter. As communications are a particular concern of the Wands cards, the Page of Wands could bring news that involves some new communications medium. There is also a tarot tradition that if the Page of Wands comes up alongside a card denoting another person—and the other indicators are favorable—there will be a good report of that person.

If your Ace comes up reversed, it can mean that the new matter in question will be developing in a behind-the-scenes sort of way, so you may be slow to take notice of it. A reversed Page may denote some problems in getting the news across, such as delays or miscommunications. However, reversed cards may also be graphically significant if the reversal affects the direction in which people or objects in the illustrations are facing, moving, or gesturing.

Knowing that Aces stand for the emergence of new things in your life, you can help materialize the things they represent by trying something new, as inspired by the graphics and symbolism of their suits. For example, to activate Wands energies, start a creative project or small-scale enterprise doing something you enjoy. Alternatively, as a symbolic act, you could plant a tree, inspired by the idea of new life and the fact that some card decks portray the wands sprouting leaves. To bring out some of the most positive potentials of the Swords, you could identify a new cause and volunteer some time to it; as a symbolic token, you could buy yourself a fancy letter opener. Because the Ace of Pentacles can denote money coming into your life, you could help your money grow by setting some aside for a special savings account; for symbolism, you could obtain a pendant in the form of a pentacle, commemorative coin, or medallion. Because the Cups pertain to the inner life, you could seek out new emotional experiences by attending some sort of spiritual session, such as a retreat; you could indulge the sensual qualities of the Cups by treating yourself to something like massage therapy. As a symbolic activity, you could try some new drink; for example, go to a juice bar and quaff some new sort of health-food concoction.

Taking the initiative in these ways not only helps to activate any positive events the Aces predict, it also redirects the potentially negative. So, if your Ace was reversed or flanked by cards of hardship or disappointment, implementing some good things associated with that Ace changes your future by changing your experience of that Ace.

You can also act on the Pages' symbolism, to prime the pump for good news and get something positive out of potentially disruptive news, by sending some good news out and generating other positive communications. In the case of the Page of Cups, you could send tokens of affection to your loved ones and renew contacts with old friends. For Wands and Swords, you could share information about new ideas and ideals. For Pentacles, you might want to send some practical or financial advice, or even send money to help some worthy individual in a practical way.

This card search technique using the Aces and Pages is something you can do often, because there is always something new coming along. Having a glimpse of the future, as well as some ideas for bringing out its best potentials, helps make our world come alive, because it puts us into a state of hopeful expectancy. This enhances our ability to find meaning in the smallest incidents of our mundane lives, opening us to serendipitous coincidences and other magical synchronicities.

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