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A Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment

Crystal Ball in the Water

As co-author with Dr. Joe Slate of The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment, I was asked to explain what a "complete" book about psychic empowerment can be. In this case, the subtitle, "A Compendium of Tools & Techniques for Growth & Transformation," almost says it all.

Keep in mind two phrases: Psychic Empowerment and Growth & Transformation. First let me simply list the range of subjects covered, along with this note of caution: this book is not an encyclopedia, but a companion that combines a concise and in-depth "About" the tool or technique followed by an easy and complete "How To" guide to its practice and beneficial application.

What do I mean by "in-depth" and "complete?" I mean that we provide the reader with enough information "about" psychic empowerment for a basic understanding of the subject and then enough "how to" for you to actually use the technique so that you learn by doing, and in the process to discover things about yourself and decide if this is something you want to study more deeply. Every chapter is followed by a short list of suggested further reading for that purpose.

But, there’s more! The "secret" of all Psychic Empowerment is less in the actual tools (Crystal Ball, Pendulum, Divining Rod, etc.) than in our ability to extend our field of conscious psychic awareness by their means. Even in our use of the tools that employ powerful Symbols embodying both meaning and spiritual energies (Tarot Cards, Rune Letters, Geomantic symbols, etc.) it is our extension of awareness in their use that becomes enriched and powerful Psychic Perception.

The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment covers the following topics:
Foreword: What is 'Psychic Empowerment'? You have Body, Mind & Spirit, and you also have innate psychic powers that are under-developed because we have a primarily material viewpoint. This book is giving you a new perspective, and it is also providing you with the means to develop your psychic powers and attributes. And, we’re going to show you that in doing so you are going to become more than you are—you are going to grow and develop into the whole person you are intended to be.

Preface: Exploring a host of psychic tools and formulating effective techniques for applying them enables you to accelerate personal evolvement by accessing and activating your dormant inner potentials to enrich the quality of your life. Going beyond the mere presentation of information, we offer rational explanations of the "unexplained" and focus on the personal benefits of the psychic experience. It systematically develops the psychic empowerment perspective by focusing on our inner potentials and our ability to develop and apply them. At the end of the book is a "Journey of your Lifetime" Development Program, an accelerated, step-by-step program for the systematic development of your psychic potentials.

Introduction: You are, by nature, psychic. The central theme of this book is the development of psychic empowerment through practice and first-hand experience. Equipped with knowledge and related skills, you can take full commands of the forces—both within and beyond—that affect your life. You can accelerate learning, improve memory, increase creativity, solve complex problems, overcome debilitating fears, promote better health and fitness, break unwanted habits, and even slow the aging process. On a larger scale, you can contribute to the greater good and make the world a better place for present and future generations.

Part One: Part One includes consciousness-expanding techniques for psychic development, including:

  • Extrasensory Perception: Out of the Lab and into the Real World (Chapter One). Extrasensory perception (ESP) is knowledge of events—past, present, or future—independent of physical senses. Bypassing ordinary senses, ESP can directly engage alternative realities to provide information that would be otherwise unavailable. By greatly expanding awareness it uncovers new knowledge & power, preparing us for future events, and even enabling us to influence or prevent them altogether. Contents include: Empowering effects of psychic knowledge; The Developmental Nature of ESP; Factor X; Becoming Psychically Empowered; Positive Self-Talk; Psychic Empowerment Through Self-Talk—Telepathy, Precognition, Clairvoyance; The Power of Mental Imagery; Mental Imagery & the Palm Viewing Exercise; The Finger Interlock Technique; Extrasensory Interactions with the Spirit Realm; ESP and the Dream Experience; Beyond Dreaming.
  • Astral Projection and the Out-of-Body Experience (Chapter Two). Astral projection is the greatest adventure in consciousness we can have while still living in our physical body. We are beings of consciousness sometimes inhabiting physical bodies that we can learn to leave at will, to travel in time and space, and tap into memory archives and knowledge banks greater than all Internet search engines. We incarnate to know, to feel, to love, to live, and to fulfill the great plan of growing and evolving to become more than we are. Going outside of the physically limited brain consciousness enables the soul traveler to enter the heaven worlds, meet and communicate with the deceased, receive guidance from spiritual counselors and sometimes healing the body of disease. Contents include: What is Astral Projection? The Astral Body and the Astral Plane; Macrocosm & Microcosm; Seven Planes of Solar System & Seven Levels of the Human Structure: Physical & Etheric Planes & Bodies; Astral Plane & Body; Mental Plane & Body & Causal Body; Buddhic Plane & Body; Atomic Plane & Body; Monadic Plane & Monad; Adic Level & Divine Spark; Levels of Consciousness, Soul & Spirit, and the Whole Person; The Evolutionary Plan of the Psyche; A New Way of Thinking; Inducing the Out-of-Body Experience; the Copper Penny; Destination Control; Home Territory; Eye-Blink Procedure; Astral Flight.
  • Auras: Seeing and Reading What Can’t Be Hidden (Chapter Three). The human aura is a developmental, life sustaining energy force that surrounds, penetrates, vitalizes and characterizes every human being, animal, entity and object. It has shape, form, and color that reveal consciousness, health, character and substance. Contents include: What is an Aura? Of What value is the Aura? Seeing the Aura Instructions; To See Your Own Aura; More than one Aura; Colors in the Aura; Chakra names, colors, associated planets and Tattwas; Aura: interpretation of colors, their intensity, & their location; Interpreting the Aura; Magical Mirror of the Universe; Sphere of Sensation; Functions of the Aura System; Self-Perception and Cosmic Centering Procedure; The Aura Self Massage Procedure.
  • The Chakra System: Spinning Wheels of Psychic Power (Chapter Four). Chakras are not physical but are energy "transformers" located on the surface of the Etheric Double with subtle connections with certain glands and nerve complexes in the physical body and particular energy centers in the astral body. The Etheric Double is created in advance of birth to function as a matrix for the developing physical body. All diseases first show up in the astral body, flow down into the etheric double to manifest in the physical body. Etheric or "energy healing" is effective early in the disease process & can supplement physical treatments from the ether/energy level as well. Contents include: Out of Body Chakras—Location, Color & Function; The Etheric Double; Physical matter exists in seven orders of density; Functions of the Four States of Etheric Matter; Energies: Fohat, Kundalini, Prana; Primal Energies of the Universe; The Chakras; The Primary Chakra System; Grounding Exercise; The Base Chakra & Correspondences; Appreciation Exercise; Energy Flows from Sacral Chakra; The Sacral Chakra & Correspondences; Self-Control Exercise; The Solar Plexus & Correspondences; The Love Exercise; Heart Chakra & Correspondences; Self-truth Exercise; Throat Chakra & Correspondences; Seeing Divinity Exercise; Brow Chakra & Correspondences; Self-Surrender Exercise; Crown Chakra & Correspondences; The Nature of Psychic Development; Chakra Development Exercises; Kundalini Rising; Nine main Siddhis; Eight Primary Siddhis; Ten Secondary Siddhis; Five Siddhis of Yoga and Meditation.
  • Clairvoyance: Seeing Beyond Your Nose (Chapter Five). Clairvoyance is psychic perception of tangible objects, current events, or existing conditions not present to the physical senses, but nevertheless having objective reality. Clairvoyance is not subject to the limitations of conventional sensory experience. Dreams often channel clairvoyant knowledge concerning urgent situations. Complementing inner-clairvoyance as a source of personal insight and power are our clairvoyant interactions with the spirit realm which often manifest through sensory channels. Meditation exercises focusing on creative imagery including the Third Eye Exercise given here, are particularly conducive to clairvoyant empowerment.
  • Remote Viewing: Psychic Research, or Voodoo Warfare? (Chapter Six). A remote viewer is expected to give information about an object that is hidden from physical view and separated at some distance. Several programs sponsored by the CIA, United State Army, the Air Force, and others actively explored distant clairvoyance and astral projection during the Cold War between the old Soviet Union and the United States. Contents include: Astral Projection or Clairvoyance; Methods for Remote Viewing; Astral Projection Program; Clairvoyance Program; Remote Vision Programming.
  • Dream Interpretation and Intervention (Chapter Seven). Dreams are always purposeful and empowerment driven. They are, however, often cloaked in symbolism or other forms of disguise that challenge us to discover their meanings and apply them. Paradoxically, the absence of transparency in the meanings of dreams actually increases their empowerment potential. A new dream technology directed to self-enlightenment and empowerment is clearly emerging. The typical dream experience is energized by not only our subconscious motives but new growth possibilities as well. Almost everyone recalls having a precognitive dream that later came true, or a clairvoyant dream that expanded awareness of an existing situation or condition, often at a distant setting. By accurately interpreting our dreams, we can increase awareness of our subconscious resources and activate totally new growth processes. Here we provide advanced dream intervention programs to solve personal problems, accelerate learning, overcome blockages, improve memory, slow aging, increase creativity, activate out-of-body travel, and interact with the spirit realm. Contents include: The Nature of Dreams; Dream Interpretation Guidelines; Dream Intervention Programs; The Finger Spread; Solar Plexus Rest; Arm Lift Technique; Pre-sleep Meditation; and a concise Dream Symbols Dictionary.
  • Extrasensory Perception Strategies and Psychic Empowerment (Chapter Eight). In developing your psychic potentials, there is no substitute for practice. Through practice using the various exercises and programs provided here, you will discover the tools and techniques that work best for you. Contents include: Essentials for Discovery & Development of Psychic Powers; Conscious vs. Subconscious; General Psychic Development; The X Position; Mind/Body Interactions; Telepathy, Clairvoyance, and Precognition: Exercises for Growth; Psychic Balance and Attunement Technique; Empowerment-at-Once Procedure.
  • Magic, Ritual, and Shamanism (Chapter Nine). Rituals are basic to civilized life, and many are founded in magical theory and come down to us through mythic origins. Most are “initiations” marking turning points in life and aiding in transformation from state or status into another state or status. Others celebrate the natural rhythms of life and the seasons. Without these rituals, we lose attunement to the stages of life and nature. Other rituals involve the arousal and direction of psychic forces for particular purposes, often transformative psychologically and spiritually. Contents include: Rhythm & Pattern in Ritual; Esoteric Rituals; Hypnosis; Hypnosis in Ritual Settings; Conscious Participation in Group Rituals; Self-Hypnosis; Prayer and Spells; The Magic of Faith; Extra-Consciousness; Shamanic Techniques and Experiences; Gerald Gardner and The Eight Paths to the Center in Witchcraft; Programming for Self-Directed Rituals & Self-Hypnosis; The Principles of Induction; Belief and acceptance; Induction Aids; Security and confidence;; The Right Time; The Key Steps in the Induction process: Preparation; The Relaxation Process; Invoking your Sub-Conscious Mind; Script for Developing your ESP and PK Potentials; Script for Interacting with Spirit Guides; Script for Developing your Mediumistic Powers; Script for Discovering Higher Planes of Power.
  • Precognition: Tomorrow as Probability (Chapter Ten). The ability to psychically perceive the future exists in everyone. The future is not fixed but exists in varying degrees of probabilities dependent on past and present realities. You can consciously interact with those future probabilities to generate a mind/future interaction that not only “sees” the future but can bring about desired change. Developing our ability to interact with the time continuum also enables you to dip into the past through retrocognition. While the past can’t be changed, increased knowledge can alter our perceptions of the present and empower us to shape the future. Contents include: Precognition and the Subconscious; Precognitive Role of the Subconscious; The Precognitive Reality Slip; Empowerment at its Peak; Precognition & Psychic Empowerment; Precognitive Development; Future Probe Program; The Future Screen Program; The Doors to the Future Program; Precognitive Review Program; Hypnotic Age Progression.
  • Psychokinesis: Mind Over Matter (Chapter Eleven). PK is the ability to move or influence physical objects without physical intervention, including the capacity to intervene physiologically as demonstrated in biofeedback where increased awareness of biological processes results in the ability to mentally control blood pressure, muscular tension, migraine and tension headaches, heart rate, and brainwave patterns. Contents include: PK in the Laboratory; Reality PK; The Deliberate Induction of PK; Stages of Induced PK; PK Bombardment Drill; PK and Wellness; Mind Body Interaction for Wellness; The Wellness Activation Program; PK and Rejuvenation; PK Rejuvenation Principles; Rejuvenation PK Program.
  • Reincarnation and Past Lives Regression (Chapter Twelve). Our past-life experiences remain forever with us, but rather than being automatically available to us at the beginning of each lifetime, we must instead retrieve them and discover their relevance, and then integrate them into our present lifetime. Through concentrated effort and self-dis¬covery we learn and grow, and knowledge of the past becomes power for the present. Knowing that you live forever, constantly growing & learning—forever becoming more than you are—gives significant meaning to life. Contents include: The Multiple Dimensions of Personal Existence; Interacting with the Subconscious; Self-hypnosis and Past-life Regression; Past-life Regression Self-hypnosis Procedures; EM/RC and Past-life Corridor Regression Program; Sleep Intervention Program; Pre-Existence and Life-Between-Lives; Exploring Preexistence; Life between Lifetimes; Benefits of Preexistence Regression; Past-life Regression and ESP.
  • Sigils: Pictures That Work (Chapter Thirteen). An ancient Chinese proverb says a picture is worth a thousand words, but a specifically created drawing of a thing or idea may be worth many thousands of word in clarifying our understanding. A “sigil” may be worth more than words because it is a magical formula charged with energy to do a certain kind of work. Sigil magic is similar to practical self-hypnosis setting specific goals in coded affirmation form. Both sigil magic and self-hypnosis use “programming” to mobilize the resources of the subconscious mind to accomplish your objectives. Contents include: What are Sigils? Traditional Sigils; The Rose Matrix for Sigil Magick; The Modern Sigil; Sigils in Practical Magic; Sigils and Thought-forms; Magick in Theory; Principles of Sigil Magic.
  • Telepathy: The Power of Self-Talk in Self-Empowerment, Mind-to-Mind Messaging, and Global Communication (Chapter Fourteen). Telepathy is communication without physical limitation, surpassing even the most advanced communication technology. It includes sending and receiving of thought messages and the emotions and motives underlying them. It can even transfer positive energy. All social interactions include a telepathic component that can promote productive interactions. Such interactions can strongly benefit communication and productivity in group activities and on a larger level even lead to global changes. Similar to self-hypnosis, inner-telepathy (like "self-talk") can command complex ongoing interactions within the self. Combined with mental imagery Self-Talk is especially effective in generating creative ideas. Contents include: Telepathy Explained; Telepathic Initiative Program; Telepathic Activation Procedure; Two-part Composite Telepathic Procedure; Global Telepathy.
  • Visualization: The Key to Empowering Your Imagination (Chapter Fifteen). To imagine is to create. In Creative Visualization, imagination (image-plus-action) puts image into action by adding emotion to "make real the unreal," turning your imagination into a psychic power tool for psychic & magical work, active meditation, astral travel, path working, clairvoyance, "symbol doorways" to access specific areas of the astral world, and much more. Contents include: What’s the difference? Creative Visualization & the Power of Attraction; Visualization as a Technique; Are there Practical Applications? Making the imagined image as "real" as REAL; Cultivating Visualization.
  • Objectology and Psychic Empowerment (Chapter Sixteen). An important technique of psychic empowerment is to "adopt" certain objects as tools that access & develop our inner psychic potentials. Psychic empowerment tools are also in research to explore and better understand the world of psychic phenomena. Through the use of tangible objects, we can develop techniques and assemble objective data that can be statistically analyzed for significance and relevance to the psychic experience.
  • Ascending the Pyramid (Chapter Seventeen). The Great Pyramid is a timeless archetypal symbol used in Masonic and Esoteric programs to align the psyche with basic philosophical concepts while connecting us to the energies of the word. Contents include: A Universal Symbol of Power & Mystery; Divisions of Human Consciousness; Basic Geometric Shapes Fundamental to the Universe; Possible Healing Properties; The Pyramid’s Applications as an Empowerment Tool; Pyramidal Strategies; Ascending the Pyramid Meditation Strategy; Benefits of the Ascending Imagery.
  • Crystal Gazing and Psychic Awareness (Chapter Eighteen). Contents include: Stimulating Psychic Functions; The Mind’s Imagery and Concentration Powers; Positioning the Crystal Ball; Crystal Gazing facilitates transfer from Subconscious to Conscious Awareness; The Function of Focal Points; Crystal Gazing Procedures; Crystal Gazing as Meditation Aid.
  • Probing the Energy Field with Dowsing and Pendulums (Chapter Nineteen). We share energy and consciousness with the Earth and ourselves at both the physical and more subtle levels known as etheric & astral Dowsing rods and pendulums are “antennae” of the psychic mind and body that stimulate a host of sensory and extrasensory receptors gathering practical information for science and technology, business and industry, forensics, and the military. Dowsing has located valuable subterranean resources including oil, coal, water, minerals, and natural gas, buried cables, water, gas lines. There is some evidence that dowsing may have valuable diagnostic potential when applied to the human body. Contents include: Dowsing as a Respected Profession; Dowsing & the Magnetic Field; Energy & Consciousness; Test it Yourself; You have the Power; Channels of Communication accessing Subconscious Knowledge; How to Dowse with Rods & Sticks; Dowsing’s Many Practical Applications; Dowsing as a Diagnostic Aid; Dowsing with the Pendulum; Detecting Gender; Alphabet and Number Charts; Pendulum Prospecting with Maps; Pendulum Power—Pendulum Magic; Detailed instructions for both dowsing and pendulum work.
  • Geomancy: What the Earth Tells You (Chapter Twenty). Geomancy is an Earth-based divination system providing a picture of the immediate environmental influences on the question at hand. All divinatory systems connect the Conscious Mind to the Sub-Conscious and thence to the Universal Consciousness to provide a map of the Unconscious at that moment. Psychic Empowerment depends on our abilities to consciously "channel" our questions to these lower realms and to refer the answers to our awakened consciousness for their analysis and application. Contents include: A Picture of Earth Energy Influences; Terrestrial Astrology; Communication disguised in symbols & strange words; Geomancy’s evolution from simple to complex; the flow of earth energies; Miniature Sand Box; Sixteen Tetragrams; Four Mothers; A Map of the Unconscious at the Moment; Necessity of a Geomantic Journal; History & Origins; Hermes Trismegistus; the Golden Dawn; Practice of Geomancy; the question is the “Need to Know”; The Shield; Four Daughters; Four Nieces; Two Witnesses; the Judge; Geomantic House Meanings; Techniques of Consultation; Geomantic Attributions (tables); Reconciler; Signification of the Houses; the Geomantic Map; Geomantic House Meanings; Geomantic-Astrological Rules of Planets in Signs; Geomantic Steps in Divination; Geomantic Golden Dawn Ritual of Operation.
  • Handwriting: What Your Handwriting Says About You (Chapter Twenty-One). Handwriting analysis starts with simple observation of various factors and patterns. Contents include: The Two Powers of Divination; Understanding the circumstances of the Moment To determine a Course of Beneficial Actions for "Fortune Building;" Handwriting as a Method of Communication and Recording; scientific method of character study; forensic aid in criminal investigations; relationship probabilities; Handwriting Today; Graphotherapy—Changing Handwriting for Self-Improvement; Main Elements of Handwriting Analysis; Connecting Strokes; What Letter Spacing Reveals; The Meaning of Margins; What Letter Formations Reveal; What the Handwritten Signature Has to Say; The Personal Pronoun "I" and the Private You.
  • I Ching: When the Moment is Right (Chapter Twenty-Two). Chinese thought is concerned with Virtue and Correct Conduct. The I Ching is not a fortune telling system but a way to examine the nature of the moment to determine right conduct. In all things, "timing is the key to success" and when the moment changes so will its nature. When the moment is right, the "rainbow bridge" connects heaven and earth, placing the forces of Yin and Yang in perfect balance. Such balance becomes the foundation for right action. Contents include: From Unity come Duality—Yin & Yang; Yin & Yang manifest in a Trinity—the Trigram; All things are Interrelated, constantly Changing & Transforming; Jung’s "Synchronistic Concept;" How it works—The Eight Basic Trigrams Symbolize All that is Knowable, and represent Life itself; When "the moment is right;" Body, Mind & Soul in the Trigram; Three great principles of Activity, Substance & Form; Putting the Question; Casting the Yi Hexagram; Casting By Coins; I Ching 64 Card Deck; Chess Method of Casting; The Dice Method; Interpretive Guide.
  • Spirit Communication: When the Spirit Moves (Chapter Twenty-Three). Laboratory research at Athens State University and elsewhere has demonstrated and measured a range of phenomena associated with Spirit presence and communication, including out-of-body experiences, psychokinesis, and hauntings, and has verified the history behind such spirit appearances. The deeper our understanding of spirit communications, the deeper our understanding of ourselves and the spiritual nature of our existence. Contents include: A Little History; Parapsychology and Metaphysics; The New Age of Spirit; Spirituality in the Laboratory; Spirituality and the Out-of-body Experience; Out-of-One’s-Own-Body-and-Into-the-Body-of-Another; The Nature of Spiritual Communication; The Down Side of the Other Side: Fact or Fiction; The Medium Within; Tools and Techniques; Table Tipping; Table Tipping Applications; The Séance; Spirit Communication for just One or Two; Automatic Writing; Dream Symbols & Meanings; Prophets as Channels of God; Spirits and Spirits.
  • Runes: Our Northern Heritage of Fire and Ice (Chapter Twenty-Four). Runic Divination and Runic Magic work reliably and reveal a well structured cosmology and esoteric psychology comparable to the Qabala. However, the Northern Tradition’s World Tree is not directly compatible with the Qabalah’s "Tree of Life." Each provides complex structures for organizing human experience and perceptions of the workings of the universe. Individual components of each system can find a correspondence in the other, but they are not always identical. The Runes that have mythic origins, are occult formulae for working the Cosmic Forces as perceived by their shamanic discoverer, and actually embody psychic, magical, spiritual powers, energy processes and movement that seem as if they were self-evolved or “channeled” from a higher consciousness. Contents include: The Source of Divination & Magic; The Role of Myth and History; Background to the Nordic Creation Myth; The Myth: Fire and Ice; The Nature of the Norse Universe; Ragnarok, End of the World; Discovery of the Runes; Norse Gods, Goddesses & Other Supernatural Beings: Their Lore, Powers & Influence, the Lesser Beings, Aspects of Soul & Personality, Runes, their Meanings and Correspondences; the Outer Life; the Inner Life; Relationship & Synthesis; Runic Divination—Techniques of Reading & Consultation; Runes & Their Basic Meanings; Runecasting Techniques & Layouts, Step-by-Step; Living the Tradition; Runic Magic; Rune Magick Glossary of Words & Concepts.
  • Sand Reading: A Handprint Tells a Story (Chapter Twenty-Five). A box of sand, like one used in Geomancy, can hold an impression of a palm that can be read as a simple recording of a "psychic moment" or as a palm print by the rules of palmistry. As a direct impression it’s like a physical and psychic photograph that can be read both from simple objective observations of depth, pressure, finger spread, and details that uniquely reflect the feelings of the person in 3-D, and with the subjective impression to be felt and intuited before the moment passes. Contents include: Instructions for making and reading the hand print in sand.
  • The Tarot: Your Path to Good Fortune (Chapter Twenty-Six). Along with Astrology, the Tarot is one of the most important and powerful systems of Self-Empowerment in the Western Tradition, and indeed—like astrology—it has passed beyond cultural limitation and become global and universal in acceptance and application. Your cards are rich in symbols, the language of the Unconscious, and they are joined by pictures that have art painted to express—through specified colors, images, and actions—archetypal powers derived from the Tree of Life. The Tarot is much more than a Divinatory System. That’s just the beginning journey. The Tarot can be used in Dream Interpretation, Meditation, Path-Working, Astral Travel and a complete program of self-development and Self-Empowerment, growing into the Whole Person of our Destiny. Contents include: History and Myth; Gypsies, Mystics & Occultists; Hebrew Letters & the Tree of Life; Symbols, Images, & Qabalistic Correspondences; From Jung to the Golden Dawn: Divination & Magick, Meditation & Astral Travel; Archetypes, the Major Arcana & the Paths on the Tree of Life; the Minor Arcana & the Sephiroth; Four Worlds, Colors & Numbers; Brief Meanings of the Major Arcana, also called the 22 Keys – from Fool to Universe; the Four Suits & the Four Elements; the Four Worlds & the Four Divisions of the Soul; Your own Birthday Card from the Tarot; Meanings of the Minor Arcana & the Court Cards; Divination: Your Path to the Future; Concise, single sentence, meanings you can remember; First Steps, and Rules; Significator & Spreads; On the Signification and Dignity of the Cards; Clairvoyance & Intuition; Meditation: Your Path to Inner Worlds; Dream Work; Path-working: Your Path to Inner Growth; Astral Travel: Your Path to Inner Awareness; Ritual Magic: Your Path to Power; Alternative Realities: Your Path to Revelation; the Whole Person we are destined to become.
  • Tea Leaf and Coffee Ground Reading: May Your Cup Brimeth Over (Chapter Twenty-Seven). Your simple tea cup can provide information about your present situation and answers your carefully phrased questions. How is this possible? Because everything is available in your subconscious mind and Tea Leaf Reading, like other forms of divination, can call up the exact information you need. Coffee ground reading is a relatively new concept to the western world, but an old practice still surviving in the Middle East and the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Basically, reading coffee grounds is similar to tea leaf reading and starts with the preparation of a cup of coffee intended for reading, one cup at a time. Contents include: Tea Leaves and Meaningful Images; Your Aura—An Information Interchange; Every Cell of your body stores ALL your Personal Information; "Channeling" and "Trance;" You are a Free Spirit; The equipment you need; And How to do it; Asking the Question; What Can You Learn; Dictionary of Common Tealeaf Symbols; Preparation for Coffee Ground Reading.
  • The Wrinkled Sheet (Chapter Twenty-Eight). The Wrinkled Sheet demonstrates an important point: the Psychic Tool need not be something with a long history and established lore about its use because the “power” is not in the thing, i.e. the tool, but in the psyche of the reader. What is important is that the reader sees the “thing” as a tool that is an extension of the body and of the psyche. Every tool is a multiplier of the physical or psychic strength of the user, just as is a hammer, shovel, pen or a computer. Contents include: Any "Thing," Old or New, can be used as a Tool in Psychic Reading; An Extension of Body & Psyche; Rules, & the Vocabulary of Interpretation; A "Charge" of Energy; It is Personal Action that sets the Psychic Imprint; The capacity of the Object to activate Psychic Insight; Seeing the Whole, and the Part; Seeing Patterns, with Open Awareness for their Potential Meanings; Principles of Pattern Interpretation.

Part Three: Part three approaches the next step in self-development, including:

  • Self-Empowerment: The Great Work (Chapter Twenty-Nine). Self-Empowerment does begin with Psychic Empowerment! It is the "Next Step" in the Great Work of our evolutionary development, and is bringing the innate psychic powers resident in the lower unconscious into the light of the conscious mind. It is the necessary Next Step in the integration of the Lower Self with the Higher Self in the Whole Person. Self-Empowerment empowers the Whole Person to comprehend the World we live within that we may live intelligently and responsibly with our human family and other species in the home we all share.

Psychic powers are not new, but their open "availability" is. Since any historic recording began—including mythical and religious—certain select people have exercised clairvoyance, far-seeing, astral projection, psychokinesis, telepathy, and precognition. These few people became priests and prophets, advisers to kings, and adored saints. They were separated from the general population, enjoying power and prestige, while establishing a hierarchy of students learning their "secrets" under controls that were more "political" than ethical. Science has changed Belief into certainty, and Secrets are replaced with knowledge, practical techniques & tools, and pertinent applications. Humanity is on a journey moving beyond the frontiers of past times, calling upon each and every one of us to individually move beyond past beliefs about personal limits to become more than you are, and accept the greater responsibilities that our growth and development require. It’s a journey comparable to that leading to the founding of the American Republic and the first Lunar Landing. But it’s a pioneering journey that only you can make—no government funding needed, no expensive equipment required, no strenuous physical preparation necessary. For you, it is not only a journey, it is also an adventure and it is personal development that benefits all of humanity.

  • Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis (Chapter Thirty). Successful Hypnosis is a goal-related state of altered consciousness in which attention can be productively focused on specific goals. All hypnosis involves acceptance and participation by the subject—thus, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and is possible for everyone. Self-hypnosis is an indispensable gateway to self-empowerment that provides access to the highest sources of power within you and beyond. Equipped with the programs presented in this chapter, you can seize with confidence the splendor of the moment and the challenges of the future. Each built-in part of your being—psychic, healer, educator, therapist, creator, rejuvenator, and hypnotist—is now poised to ensure your destiny for endless greatness. Contents include: The Subconscious as a Storehouse of Power; The Hypnotist as Facilitator; The Best Hypnotist is the Self-Hypnotist; Self-hypnosis Essentials; Four essentials for effective self-hypnosis; I AM statement; Inducing and Applying Self-hypnosis; The Solar Plexus Program; Knee-press Program for Progressive Relaxation & Induction; Peripheral Glow Program; Cosmic Power Program; Empowering Properties through Color.
  • Meditation (Chapter Thirty-One). Hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and meditation are special mental states which facilitate positive personality changes and connect with higher dimensions of the psyche. Like Self-Hypnosis, meditation is mostly self-administered and can be applied entirely for physical, emotional and mental benefits. From a Body/Mind perspective meditation is a non-drug way to lower stress levels, relax any area of the body, reduce blood pressure levels, calm the emotions, and clear the mind. Mantra meditation is by far the best known form of meditation. Each mantra, while having similar physical and mental effects, will also produce different emotional feelings and induce unique spiritual effects identified with the particular tradition and the words or names used. Phrases containing "God Names" are especially powerful, as you would expect. The wisdom of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, is the foundation of Western metaphysics and invisibly of the whole of Western science and philosophy. With it, we have the means to understand and relate to the body of the Universe & Man and the Soul of Man & the Universe. Contents include: Body-Mind Relaxation; Tension & Release to aid Physical Relaxation; Mantra Meditation; Meditation vs. Self-Hypnosis; "Personal" vs. "traditional;" "Trance," a focused state of consciousness; the Words; the Goal; Concentration; Mindfulness; Transcendent Mindfulness; Mantras in Hinduism and Buddhism; Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide; Judaism; Hebrew & Christian Mantras; the Tetragrammaton; The Middle Pillar Exercise; Christian Mantras and Prayers; The Open Dialogue.


The Journey of a Lifetime: The fourth part of the book is the Journey of a Lifetime, a specially designed do-it-yourself program to activate your inherent psychic powers and initiation a psychically-empowered life of new growth through six systemic mental exercises. These exercises include:

  • Promoting growth readiness and expectations of success (Exercise One)
  • Picture recall to develop visualization skills to access inner potentials (Exercise Two)
  • The Blank Sheet to empower your visualization skills for goal achievement (Exercise Three)
  • Balance and attunement, physically, mentally, and spiritually (Exercise Four)
  • Psychic Empowerment through awareness, appreciation, actualization, and application (Exercise Five)
  • Altruistic empowerment and universal involvement (Exercise Six)

The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment also includes several supplemental aids, including illustrations, photographs, charts, and tables. There is a 13,500 word Glossary and Dictionary of Divination, plus a Dream Dictionary and a Dictionary of Tea-leaf Symbols. Thirty of the thirty-one chapters include all necessary supplemental charts and tables to fully empower you in your use of these tools and techniques, including Reference Guides to Aura Colors and Meanings, Chakra Development Exercises, Geomantic House Meanings, I Ching Interpretations, Norse Gods and Goddesses, Rune Meanings, Rune Magic Glossary, Meaning of Numbers, Tarot Card Interpretations, Hebrew Alphabets’ Inner Meanings, and much more.

In addition, there are complete programs and procedures to facilitate astral projection, aura seeing, chakra development, clairvoyance, remote viewing, precognition, invoking the subconscious mind, wellness activation, rejuvenation, inducing psychokinesis, past life memories, self-hypnosis procedures, Sanskrit and Hebrew pronunciation guides, and much more.

"And much more!" Why have we selected the divinatory systems developed in this book, and have excluded others? There are, of course many more divinatory systems and psychic practices, mostly cultural and geographic variations, and all of them primarily involve extensions of psychic awareness and exercises of intuition. Those we have included are fundamental and will accompany your studies as you advance in your spiritual growth and self-empowerment.

Why this nearly 260,000 word companion is so vitally important to you—and to us—right now? I earlier wrote: "Keep in mind two phrases: Psychic Empowerment and Growth & Transformation," and "A Compendium of Tools & Techniques for Growth & Transformation almost says it all."

We humans are still a Work in Progress, still evolving to become more that we are and grow towards more complete and whole beings. Many people are frightened by that notion involving growth and change, and even for those willing to admit our present imperfection, the concept of evolution—and in particular as applied to humanity—is often proclaimed as being contrary to "religion."

Even many scientists and academics strangely will often ignore historical evidence of continuing evolutionary development or evidence of geographical, archaeological, and other evidence seeming to threaten a more generally accepted view or established position.

Fear of change inhibits our ability to understand and solve the many problem facing people worldwide today. To meet the challenges of our times we need all the skills we can muster, and those in particular that call for the Growth & Transformation of our human consciousness. We must become Psychically Empowered to advance upon the self-imposed limitations of our present condition.

In other words, each of us must undertake responsibility for a more rapid advancement of our abilities to resolve existing and impending crises. We may not, and should not, believe that the World will end (per some interpretations of the Mayan Prophesy) on December 21, 2012 but neither should any of us be complacent and presume that others (or Advanced Beings, Angels, Aliens or God) will take care of us and save us from ourselves.

For psychic growth to occur we must engage in practices that awaken and extend our inherent psychic powers. To develop and strengthen any human function—physical, mental and spiritual—exercise and practice along with attention and intention is necessary. As an adult, you cannot grow without effort. For humanity to grow, each one must make that effort. We’re in this together, for we are One People as never before in known history. We have a Global Civilization, and I hope we won’t fail this opportunity.

Why do I emphasize that this book is a "companion?"

The Llewellyn Complete Guide to Psychic Empowerment is designed and intended to be more than a one-time read, and more than a reference book. To fully benefit from it and its intended purpose to facilitate your psychic development, growth and empowerment through experiment and practice, we hope you will actually use the Journey of a Lifetime exercises and will continue to experiment with each of the tools and techniques we present and continue to practice more than just one of them.

We’re not limited to one diet, to one avocation or enjoyment, nor are we frozen to one perception or belief. We grow by being expansive, by loving and doing many things. We hope that this book and the concept it embodies will become your companion in the next step in consciousness evolution and psychic growth.

Alone and Together, We Shall Overcome.

About Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

Carl Llewellyn Weschcke (Minnesota) was the owner and chairman of Llewellyn Worldwide, the world's oldest and largest metaphysical publisher. He played a seminal role in the rise of Wicca and Neo-Paganism in the 1960s and ...

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