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Occupy Your Spirit

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There have been periods throughout history in which humanity has shined. Eras known as the Golden Age, the Renaissance, and the Age of Enlightenment were times that expanded our perspective and forever altered our ideals of life and what it means to live. Humanity has once again reached another one of these magnificent times in which it is being called to fulfill its greatest potential.

We are now well on our way into the journey of 2012. Over the ten years I have worked as a clairvoyant, I have been asked many times if I think 2012 is the "end times," to which I always reply, "Yes. It is absolutely the end of time, but only as we know it. It is also the beginning of a new and magical time that we have only begun to define."

Earth is ancient. She has had a time of living in the light, and a time of living in the dark. With our current shift of time, she can now hold a balance between her polarities—which in turn offers the whole of humanity the opportunity for balance. As the earth shifts her climates, humanity must learn to shift its climate of being as well, suggesting we are all in need of a fundamental re-education.

It’s conceivable that within the next several years the United States could alter its standard of living in such a way as to represent balance, peace, and prosperity for all. Can you imagine not being at war, working twenty hours a week, having more time to enjoy your family and loved ones, accessing free energy and technology, taking world-class vacations, and still having time to help your neighbor mend a fence or decorate a room? As I ask these questions, I hear the immortal words of John Lennon singing in my head, "I wonder if you can…Imagine." Yet, others have imagined and envisioned a dream of America that we now have the ability to bring to fruition.

Manly P. Hall was a scholar and sage. In his writings on the democratic ideal he points out the original dream of America. Long before America was conceptualized as the land of freedom and opportunity it was first conceptualized by the great philosophers as a land of universal democracy in which all nations would cooperate in a commonwealth of states. In order for this dream to be sustainable (thriving and prospering), all matters of human need—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—would need to be met through systems of education, philosophy, and social conduct. The great philosophers understood that individual and collective wholeness would allow the commonwealth states to operate under a self-rule governance as all members would be properly educated to understand what constitutes personal responsibility and right action. In this philosophical dream, America would prosper, both by personal gain as well as by collectively supporting the needs of one another, thereby setting the example in the world for what could be achieved when one nation learns to accept the diversity of all individuals while at the same time uniting them under a common goal for the greater good.

The philosophical dream of America has only been half fulfilled today. In our culture, we recognize our bodies and our minds; however, we ignore the immense power of our emotions, and we altogether negate the power and purpose of our spirits by giving them over to authorities outside of ourselves. However, it is through our emotions and spirits that we have unlimited access to universal knowledge, healing, free will, and the ability to magnetize a new reality at any given moment. That we are physical is obvious. That we are spirits is not so obvious. The time has come for us to learn how to occupy our spirits and take command of their magical properties if we wish to live the true dream of America.

It is widely recognized that the world we live in today is in drastic need of change. Our social, philosophical, political, financial, and educational structures all need reinventing today (a daunting challenge at best). Movements such as Occupy Wall Street and even the Tea Party are steps toward this reinvention. However, they serve as a bandage and not a cure, simply because the problem isn't the structure—it's the fact that the structure wasn't whole, or sustainable, when we built upon it.

When we think of sustainability, what comes to mind? Generally we all think about environmentally-sound systems such as wind energy or solar heat providing us with our energy needs; we think of driving vehicles that use electricity or alternative fuel; and we think of the ideas of living locally, supporting small business, and getting our produce from the neighborhood farm. All great ideas for sure! However, these are all outward expressions of sustainability. What do you think it means to be personally sustainable and what kind of impact do you think that has on the whole? It seems to me that we can't really know what it means to be sustainable, given that we are only now becoming aware of our greater totality as bodies and spirits. Prior to thinking about how to restructure the systems of our nation, we first must re-think ourselves and learn how we operate as spiritual and emotional beings working in conjunction with our physical and mental realities so we become familiar with our total need, or self, prior to fixing structures that only accommodate a portion of us. Luckily, science is now advancing and offering us the opportunity to explore an education that has the potential to change the scope of our being.

Long ago we thought the world was flat; now we know its round. We also once thought orbits were circular, yet now we know they are elliptical. With our shifting times today, we are once again changing our understandings of the world. No longer is our planet the center of the universe; rather today we are beginning to realize there are multiple galaxies and that we operate within a quantum universe in which we are all separate physically but connected through our quantum consciousness. Suddenly, everything we thought we were has changed. We are learning that we are a body and a spirit, that our thoughts create our reality, and that what we once thought was set in stone is really not fixed at all.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has performed extensive experiments with water noting how its composition alters with intent. When a person holds the intent of love, the water’s crystalline structures form beautiful snowflake-like shapes. When they hold the intent of hate, the water forms blobs and grotesque-looking masses. Given that our bodies are some sixty percent water, this tells us that what we think, we create—if we think we are ugly, we are ugly and if we think we are beautiful, we are beautiful. Another recent scientific discovery proves that objects actually can move faster than the speed of light, something even Einstein thought to be impossible. However, anyone who has experienced a telepathic moment, such as picking up the phone to call a friend just as the friend is calling you, sensing the need to go a different direction at the last minute, or hearing someone who isn't there call your name, can tell you that thought can certainly move faster than light. I often joke that in twenty years telepathy will put cell service out of business, but I'm not so sure I'm kidding. Attempts to disprove this new discovery are paradoxically validating it, sending the scientific community into a spin. It would seem that everything they thought is wrong, or at the very least, the same principles that apply to the physical and mental realities do not necessarily apply to the emotional and spiritual realities, making what we think impossible, possible. Although the ramifications of these discoveries are making centuries of work obsolete, it is also opening up a whole new field of understanding. No longer does the world operate from a finite, fixed, five-sense reality. With our new science, we can begin to explore our infinite mutable quantum sixth sense reality and its anomalies, such as telepathy, telekinesis, bilocation, and clairvoyance, to name a few. As deceased physicists around the world are turning over in their graves, humanity is being offered the opportunity to consciously reinvent its ideals of life and what it means to live.

Today's new science offers us access to and education about our spiritual energetic climates, allowing us to perceive a new reality unlike we have experienced before. Interestingly, the key and tool for this re-education is something that most people are either afraid of or don't believe they have—psychic abilities. Yet this is exactly why I often refer to this new era as the Clairvoyant Age, because it is precisely our intuitive senses that will allow us to re-imagine ourselves into sustainable beings and communities today.

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. It is a sense, but I also use it as an umbrella term for all the quantum sixth senses (such as intuition, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.; there are many tools for discerning the quantum reality). Clairvoyance is an innate faculty within every person and every person can learn to hone these skills to very fine degrees. These "clairvoyant senses" match our five senses of sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell; however, they are inward senses rather than outward experiences that can enlighten our perception of what is transpiring within our lives. For example, envision in your mind's eye an apple. Notice that you can see it, feel its texture, taste, smell, and even listen to it. As you are witnessing the apple you are using your clairvoyant skills. But the apple also carries a symbolic message beyond its physical and obvious meaning that we may need to know in order to maintain balance; it is our higher sixth sense that is in charge of discerning that meaning. Our higher self might interpret the apple's message to be one of seeking knowledge, or maybe its message is to get more fiber in your diet; either way, it is guidance or validation that you can integrate and balance or allow to be a positive fuel for your fire.

Clairvoyantly we can view not only the whole of humanity, but more importantly, we can view our personal quantum field witnessing our soul's totality, multi-dimensionality, purpose, design, patterns, beliefs, past, present, future, and all our many universal archetypes, which in turn allows us to understand the driving forces of our lives. With this understanding comes healing as we become aware of our imbalances and how to fix them with empowered and inspired actions—which translates into sustainable outward change.

We experience the events of our lives for a reason. Our sixth senses allow us to uncover, or become conscious, of these mysteries so we can come to understand our greater purpose and design—but also to teach us how to take responsibility for what is being created in our lives. Our quantum senses allow us to alter our patterns so we are not subject to recreating the past and can create what we desire. Maybe rather than teaching history today, we should be teaching clairvoyance and letting people see for themselves what the past has been so they can determine the best future today.

The benefits to this type of education are enormous. When individuals can witness the eternity of their soul, viewing their lifetimes of light and dark, masculine and feminine, victim and aggressor, and find peace and balance within the self, suddenly they understand that people are all the same. We are mirrors of one another. We have all been good and we have all been bad. We have been black, white, Christian, and Muslim. When we understand and witness this within ourselves, we no longer harbor ill will toward others. We naturally become more tolerant, accepting, and peaceful, which translates into peaceful actions in the world. Interestingly, when I explain to a client that balance starts by being true to one's self and living authentically, generally they equate that to being selfish. However, we should be careful not to confuse the need to put self first with being selfish. Selfishness is a mind-set, while the self is the fundamental operating system that houses all our mannerisms. Just like a computer has an operating system that allows all the programs to integrate, our self serves the same role. If we ignore the operating system, the programs begin to run amok—which is why it is our first responsibility to keep them organized by understanding the complexity and operation of the self individually and then how it works collectively.

It is precisely this education regarding the self that will allow us to reinvent ourselves today. However, what does reinvention mean to a country like America that has supposedly reached its pinnacle of power? How do we evolve and improve ourselves today? What kind of communities do we wish to foster and bring into our new future? What do we want to hand over to the generations to come? What would happen if Americans suddenly felt physically able, mentally prepared, emotionally excited, and spiritually inspired? We would completely reinvent our ways of living and being. We would work less and appreciate more. We would love and support free of heart. We would partake and give back with equal understanding. If Americans are willing to embrace a new science, re-educate themselves about their clairvoyant abilities and how they work within the quantum reality, we could absolutely bridge our differences and create a standard of living never before seen in the world.

The "every man for himself" mentality of America has been lost. The truth is we need each other, but we first need to be individually whole before we can create healthy communities. These are the days to occupy our spirits and reinvent what living means. The first step starts with you. Educate yourself about your quantum reality and how it patterns, designs, and creates. Learn to take personal responsibility and balance your quantum self so that balance can be reflected and sustained in the world. When you alter yourself, you change the whole of humanity. Remember it is up to you to become the change you wish to see in the world. Recognize the power of your spirit today and learn to harness it for the greatest good so we can get on with the business of living the true American Dream.

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