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The Cardinal Cross: Evolutionary Seeds of Change

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The Cardinal Cross is important to understand in evolutionary astrology. From an evolutionary perspective, the cardinal cross reflects the need to implement change and forward momentum in our lives. In other words, the cardinal archetype symbolizes the need to initiate change. However, the necessary change typically occurs as the famous "one step forward, two steps back." This is because of an inherent insecurity that all of us experience when initiating change that threatens our known, or familiar, way of operating. The point within in this is that the cardinal archetypes symbolize specific dynamics, or areas, in our lives in which all of us can create necessary evolutionary change. Each Soul will have unique and specialized evolutionary intentions for their life. In this article I will focus on interpreting the specific evolutionary intentions of the cardinal cross in the natal chart; in other words, why the Soul has picked the specific cardinal archetypes in their natal chart. I will do this by interpreting John Lennon's chart, which has the cardinal cross highly emphasized.

In order to accurately interpret the cardinal archetypes in the natal chart we must first discuss the meaning of each cardinal sign in the Zodiac (the cardinal cross consists of the signs Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn). As mentioned before, each cardinal archetype reflects the need to initiate change. Aries symbolizes that a brand new evolutionary cycle, or chapter, is just beginning. As such, the need for freedom and independence is paramount. Experience is a vehicle through which self discovery and growth can occur. Aries reflects our instinctual nature. It learns through action and reaction. Mars is the lower octave of Pluto. The need for forward direction or momentum is symbolized in this archetype. The unconscious desires contained within Pluto are transmitted to Mars to be acted out in a conscious way. As such, Aries correlates with the nature of our subjective desires.

The polarity sign of Aries is Libra. Libra correlates with the social realm, and the need to integrate into society as an equal. Libra correlates with extremities, and the need to achieve balance and equality relative to such extremities; this is true on both a personal and social level. Libra reflects the nature of our external relationships, and the nature of our expectations within relationships. This archetype reflects the need to listen objectively to others in order to correctly identify the reality and needs of those with whom they interact. In this way, Libra learns the diversity of individual needs, and how to appropriately give to meet those needs. In other words, through comparison and contrast with others Libra learns to evaluate its own identity, and also how and what to give within the context of relationships.

Cancer correlates with the self-image, and also the nature of the early family environment. This archetype reflects the specific dynamics that constitute emotional security on a conscious level. Our ability or inability to nurture ourselves and others is symbolized as well. Cancer correlates to the anima/animus (or inner male and inner female). Over a great length of time, we can integrate both the inner male and female in such a way that a state of true androgyny is reached. Cancer reflects the evolutionary intention to internalize emotional security.

The polarity sign of Cancer is Capricorn. Capricorn reflects the structure of consciousness. Every culture, society, or culture has traditions, norms, and customs. These cultural norms become the basis of conditioning patterns that shape and define the consciousness within any Soul. As such, Capricorn reflects the nature of any societies or cultures norms and traditions to which the majority in that society conform. Gender assignment is an important aspect within this correlation. For example, how are men in our society typically taught to express emotion? Is it not true that a man who openly shows and expresses vulnerability and emotion is commonly judged as weak or effeminate? What about a woman who expresses the need for independence and self-empowerment? Is she not commonly judged as trying to be a like a man or overly dominant? To further illustrate this point, let's use the example of woman with an Aries moon. It is true that she is not going to relate to herself as the traditional "Betty Crocker" figure, or stereotypical female. Similarly, a man with a Pisces moon is not going to relate to himself as the stereotypical "Marlboro Man." The point within this is that these cultural norms, or conditioning patterns, deeply impact the structure of consciousness. It is also important to note that whatever is repressed becomes distorted as this archetype correlates with conformity to the mainstream of society. Capricorn reflects the evolutionary intention to establish our own personal authority within society. It also reflects the need to emotionally mature via accepting responsibility in our own actions. In so doing, we can establish a social role, or position, in society that reflects our authentic wisdom and knowledge that is independent from cultural conditioning and customs. It is interesting to note that, collectively, we all have the South Node Pluto in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer. This reflects that collectively there is a need to re-align and integrate the natural expression of the masculine and feminine principles.

Now that we have discussed the general meaning and evolutionary intentions of the cardinal cross from an evolutionary perspective we can now use a case study to interpret the specific evolutionary intentions of the cardinal archetypes within a natal chart. The key point to remember is that the cardinal archetypes reflect the evolutionary need to change and break free from the conditioning patterns described above. In other words, we can break free from the nature of social conditioning that impacts our self image, the actions we choose to initiate or not initiate, and the relationships that we then form. By focusing on the cardinal cross in the natal chart we can understand the nature of the specific dynamics and conditioning patterns that the Soul is seeking to change. We will analyze John Lennon's birth chart to illustrate these core points.

In his natal chart, Lennon has Pluto in Leo in the fourth house. Pluto is opposing his Moon in Aquarius in the tenth house. His South Node is in Aries in the twelfth house. The planetary ruler is Mars in Libra in the sixth house, conjunct Neptune (also in the sixth house). The North Node is Libra in the sixth house, ruled by the Sun conjunct the North Node. Pluto's polarity point is Aquarius in the tenth house. The planetary ruler of the North Node is Venus in Virgo in the fifth house. Venus makes a trine to Saturn and Jupiter in Taurus in the first house retrograde.

From an evolutionary perspective,Pluto in the fourth house symbolizes the need to internalize emotional security. It also reflects the need to reformulate and transmute negative emotional patterns or behaviors that are preventing further growth. These emotional patterns are typically linked with the individual's early childhood environment, in which they were not nurtured in the ways that were needed. Displaced emotions are then carried into adult life. A negative self-image must also be worked through as the individual progressively matures. In this case, John Lennon's parents died in an accident very early in his life, and he was sent to live with his grandparents. His emotional needs were not meet in his early life, and were carried over into his adult relationships. In addition, from my perspective, he was operating from a primarily feminine orientation/principal. In other words, he has a hyper-sensitive nature and is able to connect with others on an emotional basis very easily (this is evidenced by his empathic music, which has and will continue to touch the hearts of many people). Pluto in the fourth house also reflects the evolutionary intention to integrate the anima/animus or the inner male/female. As mentioned before, the a core evolutionary intention of Pluto in the fourth house is to emotionally mature and internalize emotional security. These evolutionary intentions occur via the tenth house polarity point and accepting responsibility for ones own actions.

In the context of Lennon's chart the necessary evolutionary intentions are ones of self-determination and owning negative emotional patterns that are linked with an excessive self-absorption in life in general (Pluto in Leo in the fourth house). Lennon’s pre-existing insecurities created a situation wherein his need for external recognition and acclaim were constant. Pluto making an opposition to the Moon in Aquarius in the tenth house reflects the need to "throw off" these insecurities and the resulting need for constant external validation. The Moon in Aquarius in the tenth house symbolizes the need to objectify, or objectively view, (Aquarius) his emotional reality and to take responsibility (tenth house) for these emotional dynamics. The South Node in Aries in the tenth house reflects his need to be an icon to others. The planetary ruler of the South Node Mars is in Libra, conjunct Neptune in Virgo the sixth house. This reflects the need to bring an entire evolutionary cycle to a close in the context of the dynamics discussed above. Specifically, he can no longer remain locked into a pattern of extreme self-orientation, and then being dominated by his own displaced emotions. Lennon allowed himself to become dominated and controlled within relationships (which, depending on your opinion, can be seen through his relationship with Yoko Ono).

In my perspective, Lennon played the more feminine role in this relationship, and Ono played the more as the masculine role. She exercised a profound degree of emotional control and manipulation over Lennon. As mentioned before, this pattern must be "thrown off" and brought to a close in this life (Pluto in Leo in the fourth house opposing the Moon in Aquarius in the fourth house, and the South Node in Aries and the twelfth house ruled by Mars in Libra conjunct Neptune in Virgo in the sixth house). Later in his life Lennon left his musical career and became a house husband, which reflects his cooperation with these evolutionary intentions. The North Node is in Libra in the sixth house conjunct the Sun in the same house and sign; this reflects the need to become a giver (North Node in Libra) instead of a taker ( South Node in Aries) and to integrate into society and within relationships as an equal (North Node in Libra). It also reflects the need to bring emotional extremities into state of balance, and for a personal humility to be learned. There is a need to express the equality and interchangeability of the masculine and feminine principles. In other words, Lennon understood and needed to express both the masculine and feminine within his relationships. This is necessary for him to do in order to accomplish the evolutionary intentions for his life (Pluto in the fourth house, polarity point in the tenth house, North Node in Libra and the sixth house conjunct the Sun). An integration of both the masculine and feminine are a vehicle through which his past patterns within relationships that have already been described can heal and positively change.

The planetary ruler is Venus in Virgo in the fifth house. This reflects the need for service to others within relationships, and also to take control of his destiny from an orientation of service and humility. Venus trines Saturn and Jupiter in Taurus retrograde in Taurus in the first house. This reflects that Lennon must learn an essential self-reliance and also independence within relationships. These core evolutionary dynamics will allow a new evolutionary cycle that is intended to unfold to begin. This is indicated by the planetary ruler of the North Node, Venus, trine Saturn and Jupiter in the first house. In other words, by actualizing these core evolutionary intentions a brand new evolutionary cycle and new sense of personal identity will be born into consciousness. Again, this new identity will be founded on service to others, and the natural laws of giving, sharing, and inclusion (North Node in Libra in the sixth house). His true healing capacities can come to actualization as he resolves the displaced emotional dynamics of the past, and seeks to establish equality and balance in his social and personal life. Lennon's music contained a universal message of world peace, love, and unity. It advocated that we all seek to embrace one another from a standpoint of true equality, and in so doing break the mold of conformity. John Lennon's cooperation with his evolutionary intentions is reflected in his music in this way.

The cardinal archetypes correlate to the need to initiate critical evolutionary change. This is why it is important to understand how to correctly interpret these archetypes from an evolutionary perspective. If we consciously seek to embrace necessary change, these archetypes can be used to break free from restrictive conditioning patterns that are inhibiting our ability to express our authentic nature. These archetypes thus serve as evolutionary seeds of change within consciousnesses. As mentioned before, there is a collective need create this type of evolutionary change and re-integrate natural roles and principles that are linked with natural law. The nodal axis of Pluto in Capricorn and Cancer reflect that this way of being is a part of our collective consciousness and past. In so doing we can potentially help others who are also desiring to create this same type of evolutionary change.

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