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Seven Flower Magic Rituals

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You might think of a blossom as a visible auric pattern of energy, or as the crown chakra and spirit of a plant. And, like an ethereal guru from the faerie realm, each flower possesses its own unique wisdom and metaphysical teachings. Indeed, in A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle writes, "Flowers, more fleeting, more ethereal, and more delicate than the plants out of which they emerged, [are] like messengers from another realm, like a bridge between the world of physical forms and the formless."

While it may sound like a contradiction, flower magic is both highly subtle and highly potent. It's subtle in that floral energy patterns lie beneath the concrete, everyday realm of awareness. It's potent in that a flower's vibratory patterns can merge with our personal patterns in ways that infiltrate and shift every aspect of our awareness and life experience, all the way down to molecules, thought waves, and emotional states. Like water dripping on a stone, the subtlety of a flower's vibrational signature—especially when combined with a clear-as-crystal intention—can steadily and relentlessly bring about lasting change.

Considering the year round availability of ingredients like essential oils and flower essences, no time is a bad time for flower magic, but springtime feels especially right. With that in mind, below you'll find seven original flower rituals for you to play with, each of which are inspired by a color of the rainbow. Perform one, or perform them all.

  1. Red/Rose: Simple Love Drawing Spell
    On a Friday when the moon is new, waxing, or full, purchase or lovingly cut two blossoming red roses and put them in water in a small vase. Place them on a tabletop or altar and sit comfortably in front of them with your spine straight. Place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your belly. Gaze at the flowers and breathe consciously until you feel a strong connection with the blossoms. Then close your eyes and imagine that you are still gazing at them through your third eye (or the center of your forehead, just between your eyebrows). Address the roses as you say or think something like, "Gorgeous red roses, please help me manifest a beautiful new romantic relationship. Please help me to be totally open and receptive, and to magnetize a romance that is for my truest and most beautiful good. Thank you." Open your eyes and direct your palms toward the blossoms. Then, place the vase in your bedroom or in the corner of your home that corresponds with love and marriage according to feng shui. (If your floor plan is not a perfect square or rectangle, you might need more detailed instructions, but generally speaking, when you're standing at the front door and facing in towards the house, the love and marriage corner is located in the far right.) When the roses are ready to return to the earth, release them in a moving body of water or at the base of a tree.
  2. Orange/Freesia: Sexual Healing Meditation
    Light an orange candle on your altar or on a tabletop. Sit comfortably in front of the candle, with your spine straight. Close your eyes and begin to breathe consciously. Blossoms have spirits, like angels or deities, and you can summon their spirits and healing properties simply by thinking about them. With that in mind, begin by summoning the scent of freesias. Imagine that you're inhaling the lovely scent, and send this imaginary scent throughout your entire body and aura. (If you don't know what freesias smell or look like, or if it just feels right to you, you might want to have one in water on your altar as a focal point—ideally orange.) Next, envision yourself sitting in the center of a giant, etheric, orange freesia blossom. Now that you've successfully summoned the spirit of freesia, request that freesia help you heal your relationship with your body and sexuality. You might want to wordlessly describe precisely the challenges you've been having, as if you are offering them up to the flower. Then, allow yourself to receive the healing you requested. Soak in the vibration of the blossom and scent that you have conjured. See this healing going deeply into every cell and pore, bathing you with orange light that allows you to release and transform negative thoughts and feelings about yourself and your sexuality. Allow it to go where it most wants to go throughout your body. Stay with this as long as it feels right. Then thank the spirit of the flower and open your eyes.
  3. Yellow/Chamomile: Stress Relief Bath
    Sometimes stress can build up in the solar plexus, the area halfway between your belly and heart, and the chakra associated with the color yellow. This bath will help clear tension and stagnant energy from this chakra so that your personal power is balanced and flowing in a comfortable and ideal way. Begin by smudging yourself and your bathroom with a bundle of dried white or desert sage, and then safely extinguish. Light a yellow candle and place it near the bathtub as you draw a warm bath. Add one half cup of sea salt and one cup of Epsom salt and use your hand to stir the water in a clockwise direction. Hold three bags of pure chamomile tea in both hands and tune into the spirit of the once vibrant chamomile flowers that they contain. Say or think something like, "Spirit of chamomile, please soften my spirit and soothe my soul. Bathe me in your sunshine-yellow light of peace." Then drop them in the bath. Soak for at least forty minutes. (You might want to have some relaxing reading on hand, as well as plenty of drinking water.)
  4. Green/Oak: Prosperity Petition
    Tiny green oak blossoms might look diminutive, but they pack quite a magical punch. Find a blossoming oak tree and then spend some time with it, like you would a respected and beloved teacher or relative. Gaze at the blossoms and leaves, notice the curves of the branches, and watch the tree as it moves in the breeze. As you do this, breathe consciously and relax your body as much as possible. When you feel really tuned-in, gaze again at a single blossom, or let your gaze wander from blossom to blossom (the important thing is that you are focusing on the energy of the blossoms). Energetically communicate with the blossoms exactly what you'd like help with by visualizing/imagining/feeling how you'd like to feel with regards to finances and money. For example, you might want to conjure up the feeling of paying all your bills easily and effortlessly, or the feeling of making large deposits in your checking account. Having fresh cut flowers on the table might be a symbol of luxury and abundance to you, so you might want to picture that—whatever feels like it tunes you into the energy of abundance. Once you communicate this to the flower through your inner vision, silently request that the blossom help you shift your energetic pattern into one of prosperity. As a gesture of thanks, pour a bottle of beer or cider around the base of the tree. Then place your hands on the trunk or hug the tree to further solidify your energetic connection. Finally, thank the tree once more and walk away.
  5. Blue/Baby Blue Eyes: Simple Creativity Potion
    Acquire or make a bottle of baby blue eyes flower essence. (A brand called FES makes a baby blue eyes essence, which you can find at many health food stores and metaphysical supply shops, or you can order it online. Of course, if you make it, you'll want to first locate instructions for doing so safely and effectively.) Add seven drops of the essence to a mister of rose water, and mist yourself and/or your creative workspace to enhance your self-expression and sense of playful experimentation.

    Bonus: this potion can also be used to support the emotional healing process of your inner child or actual child.
  6. Indigo/Morning Glory: Psychic Activation Ritual
    Visit a blossoming blue dawn morning glory at sunrise. Relax, breathe deeply, and allow yourself to gently align with the energy of the plant. As the sun starts to peek above the horizon, imagine that there is one morning glory blossom located at your heart chakra (in the center of your sternum) and another at your third eye (the area in the middle of your forehead just above your eyebrows). In your mind's eye, see/feel these indigo flowers opening lovingly to the energy of the sunlight. Briefly peek at the brightness of the sun and transfer this brightness to your forehead and heart. Say or think the words, "My heart is awake. My third eye is awake. My heart is open. My third eye is open. I love. I love. I love. I see. I see. I see. I am a clear channel of psychic information and healing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessed be. And so it is." Finish by visualizing a very bright sphere of protective indigo light completely surrounding your body and aura. Thank the plant, thank the sunlight, and walk away.
  7. Violet/Lilac: Aura Brush
    Stand in front of a blossoming lilac and make psychic contact. Relax your body, breathe, and appreciate the beauty and aliveness of the plant. Silently/energetically communicate that you'd like support with clearing your aura (the energy sphere of light that surrounds and encompasses you) and chakras (the wheels of light that lie along your spine), and that you'd also like support with generally balancing and harmonizing your energy field. When you sense that the time is right, gently and lovingly gather a small bundle of blossoms, following your intuition about which blossoms to snip. Silently and profusely thank the plant. Then, starting at the top of your head and using brisk, light, downward strokes that finish with a little downward/outward flick (as if you are flicking debris off your aura and onto the ground), use the lilac bundle to brush your entire aura. There is no need to touch your skin with the flowers, as you are cleansing your invisible energetic field rather than your physical body. Imagine that the flowers are whisking away any and all negativity while harmonizing and balancing your chakra system. Follow your intuition about how long to concentrate on any given area of your body and aura. When you get to your feet, thank the blossoms and plant again and release the blossoms near the base of the plant.

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