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Jupiter in the Signs


Sign rulership: Sagittarius
Natural house: Ninth house of higher education, travel, principles, philosophy
Significance: Where you can attract abundance and luck, where you're least cautious, where you want to gain knowledge and where you can benefit most from it
Rules: Luck, legal matters, higher education, clergy, religion, obesity, advertising, publishing, travel, hips, liver, arteries, thighs, horses, colleges and universities, places of worship
Mythology: Jupiter, the god of Earth and the heavens, was a protector but also the god of justice. He was associated with weather, thus the thunderbolt with which he delivered justice.

Jupiter has two faces: fun and frivolous, and thoughtful and philosophical. It's the party versus the deep discussion, the world traveler versus the serious student, the traditional religious path versus personal faith. Jupiter represents all these things, plus luck and expansion. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. It might indicate the potential for wealth, an active social life, many children, terrific career opportunities, or loads of friends. Its sign and house position and aspects offer insight into how you can expect this abundance to manifest and what you wish for, as well as your ethics and principles, your general life philosophy.

With its designation as the "greater benefic," Jupiter is best known as a lucky charm. It is definitely that. Jupiter's position in your chart represents where your greatest luck occurs and where you're likely to be least cautious.

But, Jupiter can be fickle. It's also noted for "promises, promises," so don't expect it to deliver all the time. Jupiter has a reputation for expanding everything, not just what you want to be bigger and better. It can make a mess of things!

Jupiter also is associated with higher education, travel, optimism, extravagance, opportunities, publishing, confidence, generosity, and success.

Jupiter spends about a year in a sign, touring the entire zodiac every twelve years. It's retrograde for about four months of each year.

If Jupiter was retrograde when you were born, you're more philosophical and enjoy exploring the meaning of life, but tend to keep your beliefs to yourself rather than promote them in discussion with others. You're also less objective in your thinking. If Jupiter was stationary on your birthday, you embrace good works and have strong viewpoints and principles to guide your life.

Jupiter in the Signs

  • Jupiter in Aries: You're an outgoing, adventuresome free spirit who spreads enthusiasm and good cheer far and wide. Challenges excite you, and there are few that you are unwilling to tackle, even those that might intimidate others. But optimism can soar and prompt you to overextend your time and energy by taking on too much. Think about the realities before you move ahead, rather than set yourself up for failure. Although you can be impulsive at times, quick action helps you snap up opportunities.

  • Jupiter in Taurus: You're financially lucky, plus you have the common sense it takes to successfully manage money matters to your benefit. Many people with Jupiter in Taurus amass considerable assets, and higher education further increases the odds in your favor. You also acquire and are attached to your many possessions and rarely let go of anything, even when it's outlived its usefulness. Weight gain is possible because good food and comfort are a way of life. Your practical vision is excellent for big-picture planning.

  • Jupiter in Gemini: You're fun-loving and talkative, and curiosity fuels your perpetual quest for information. You know a lot about many things, but tend to scatter your mental energies rather than limit your focus to a specific area of expertise. That's the result of your versatile, intelligent mind and high boredom factor. You can turn this potential weakness into a strength by striving for excellence in a single area where you can profit from all the miscellaneous data stored in your brain. Charming and glib, you may have exceptional writing or speaking talent.

  • Jupiter in Cancer: Family ties are generally positive and supportive, and you cherish fond memories of special moments with close friends and loved ones. Home life is an equally important focus, and you strive to create a welcoming, warm, and caring environment. Many people with Jupiter in Cancer adopt family beliefs as their own and never waver from them, partly out of loyalty. Sympathetic and kind, you're among the first to give to those in need as well as those you love. Hunches are often on target, especially in money matters, and you may achieve wealth status.

  • Jupiter in Leo: You love being in the limelight and doing things on a grand scale. Generous and loving, you nevertheless expect admiration and thus can be prone to an inflated ego. Creativity, loyalty, and leadership are strengths, as are optimism and the ability to energize and motivate others. Children delight many people with Jupiter in Leo (your own or family members'). If you're among them, you probably devote as much time as possible to these children and their interests and activities. Your taste for luxury and designer labels can become an expensive indulgence.

  • Jupiter in Virgo: Work can become the driving force in your life, even to the point of consuming almost all of your waking hours. Satisfaction and rewards fuel your desire for more, but you also can over-extend yourself. The result, sooner or later, will be burnout, so reprogram your thinking to include regular downtime. You're excellent with details and also have an eye for the big picture, giving you a unique combination of talents. But, at times, you can get stuck in analysis and be overly critical. Some people with Jupiter in Virgo are actively involved in charitable organizations and other good causes.

  • Jupiter in Libra: Friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic, you encourage and inspire others to excel. In turn, they bring you luck, and you could benefit financially through a business or romantic partner. Relying on others can become a pattern, however, when independence would better serve your interests. You're an astute observer of human nature, and people value your advice. Although you steer clear of conflict, you will take a stand to ensure justice and fairness, and at times you put others and their needs and desires first to maintain harmony.

  • Jupiter in Scorpio: You delve deep into any subject that interests you, researching every facet until you've mastered the knowledge or acquired enough to suit your needs. However, you can overdo it and develop an intense emotional involvement that limits perspective. Step back periodically for a fresh look. At times, you can be secretive and suspicious of others' motives. That's an asset when used positively to protect your interests, but not if it undermines your financial objectives. Many people with Jupiter in Scorpio amass sizable assets through hard work and determination.

  • Jupiter in Sagittarius: Upbeat and enthusiastic, you're also a deep thinker who enjoys philosophical discussions and mental journeys as much as travel. Your lifetime quest for knowledge makes you a perpetual learner, both in and out of the classroom, and you willingly share all you know to help others. Also generous with your time and talents, you expect nothing in return for favors granted. But be careful of a tendency to put too much faith in others and their promises. Balance optimism with reality. You're lucky more often than not, and calculated risks can pay off handsomely for you.

  • Jupiter in Capricorn: You have an innate understanding of the principles of expansion and contraction, and a talent for practical vision. Opportunities come to you, and others are of your own making. You're somewhat cautious but also quick to follow through on anything with real potential to advance your career and status. Ambitious and success- and money-motivated, you have the common sense to know that advancement is a step-by-step process that requires goals, planning, and timing, along with your strong work ethic. Most people with this placement are conservative and traditional. Many thrive in corporate life.

  • Jupiter in Aquarius: You're tolerant yet unpredictable and stubborn at times, with a life philosophy that's uniquely yours. You set your own personal standards and faithfully live by them. High on your list is injustice; you see equality as the only accept able norm. You value people—and your many friends—for their individuality and accept them as they are, even if you don't necessarily agree with their decisions and choices. Humanitarian causes, groups, and organizations appeal to you, and many benefit from your involvement and leadership. Some people with Jupiter in Aquarius are activists and instrumental in social change.

  • Jupiter in Pisces: You're known for your compassion and generosity. Helping others gives you great satisfaction, and people appreciate your kind and understanding nature. But these fine qualities encourage less-ethical people to take advantage of you. Be wise and good to yourself: weigh each request on its merits, and do your best to remove emotions from the equation. Not everyone is deserving of your sympathy, so temper your idealism with reality. You have an excellent imagination and are creative in some way. Many people with this placement are intuitive or psychic. Guard against self-indulgence in any form

Excerpted from Llewellyn's Complete Book of Astrology.

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