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How Money Flows at the Sacral and Heart Chakras

Green Chakra

Money is not the root of all evil, as we now know, once spirituality takes ahold of us. But once we have divested ourselves of this thought, where do we go next? Our chakras can tell us a lot about what we can do to handle money, and, more to the point, the people who represent each chakra can show us how to behave towards it in wonderful ways. Since to me, studying chakras is boring, but studying people is interesting, the esoteric psychology of the soul-rays, first written about by Alice Bailey, appealed to me. In 2007, I began to truly embrace the idea that each chakra is fully understandable if you know a person who hangs out on its corresponding ray-of-light. Each soul-ray has its own gifts, and its own traps, part of its master chakra—the places it excels and falters. In this article, I'll show you how two different master chakras handle money, so that you can gain a more well-rounded understanding of how to structure your relationship with money from a spiritual point-of-view.

Having Problems with Money Flow?
People with an orange master chakra need to spend money to make money, but their true desire when spending money is to make someone else happy. Now, I'm not talking about the superficial kind of happiness that might result in getting what you want (there's nothing wrong with that, by the way—it's a necessary step in evolution, just don’t get stuck there). I'm talking about the deep wonder of connection with your personal divine, in beauty's light and joy's spirit, that returns to you when you laugh at a homemade joke and smile from the heart with hope. Now THAT'S the kind of spirit that "oranges" (people with an orange master chakra) wish to evoke in you when they buy something. So, how are they going to do that? Well, my orange roommate just told me he spent a huge amount of money buying astronaut suits. See, he did it so he could give them to his friends when they went skiing, so that other people would see them going down the ski-hill and laugh and clap their hands, and say, "Hey, look, there's some astronauts," and get really exited! Now that's doing something for someone—that's contributing from the heart, something of real benefit to humanity’s ability to manifest, because remember, laughter comes from the Goddess. Laughter is at the heart of play and experience, and bliss is required to sustain passion, which creates abundance. The kind of joy oranges produce in others when they spend money—either on them, or to create a reaction in them—comes BACK to them. (Yes, God is going to reimburse my roommate, in some way, for his trouble.) What goes around, comes around. And orange may not receive money directly in return, but they do receive what they need—as long as they continue to be themselves. Unlike other master chakra folks, oranges tend to understand that money is like a river: it has to flow, and if it doesn't flow, it's stagnant; it can't go anywhere, and it will sit and pool and there's not much you can do when there isn't a steady current. So, if you need to make money, you might try spending some money on something you enjoy (key: you must enjoy it deeply, not superficially—so this may take some consideration.) And remember, no amount is too small or too large (because they are one and the same) to invoke the power of spiritual sustenance, though it is true that greater investments usually lead to greater results. You get what you pay for. Save that money—but don't keep it.

Another master chakra excellent at dealing with money is green—at the heart chakra, money is supposed to flow. Now, our green friends are highly well-known for being the natural accountants (you know, the stingy ones in the back office who keep your book-club money safe.) Yet, they also trust that when you spend money on something, even a large amount, it will be well worth it. They manage your money; what they will give you back is service: all of their wisdom and awareness as applied to you. They think they are smarter than you at saving (if not spending) your money. Wow, that's bold! They have so much confidence! Yep, they are not afraid to look at their bank account, and know to a penny how much is in there (and they also have the ability to find out what is in yours.) They're looking out for you! So, what are their principles, and why do they really act like this? Well, number one, they believe in having a sense of savings because they understand the problematic nature of human suffering: they know that a rainy day will come, and you'll need some "money" (just like you will need a bandage, a shoulder to cry on, and a life coach). The great thing about greens is that they don't put money up above everything else, nor do they put it down below all other concerns. They like to balance it—because they love to balance things in life. For a green, money is equal to things, and even people—because it is an energy consciousness. That's right, a DIVINE energy consciousness! (Do you see the connection with orange? Oranges think joy is divine and use none other than money to sustain it.)

Respect How Money Is Not God, it Contains God
If we make money into God, then we do things specifically for it and allow it to rule us. But if we see money "as" God, or that there is God in money, that money carries God's grace and peace, for example, then how could it be bad? And why would we push it away? And why would we want to use it in ways that hurt us, since God is love? If God is love, money must carry love, if we see it that way. For a green, this system works when money is handled with seriousness and respect. Respect grants the qualities of honor, power, and admiration to a thing. It imbues whatever it's directed toward with a quality of upliftment (or, joy.) When we respect money, we care for it, keep some of it, and spend some of it—in well-thought-out and planful ways. Greens love planning and they love rules. In that way, they're the opposite of oranges, who can't stand rules. But greens use the sacral chakra flow of money to their advantage. They love to set things up in ways where healing occurs through the maintenance of a thing. So, money is going to be used by them to oil the machine—the machine of life, of YOUR life. It's going to go around and flow through the system, and oranges love to move it on down the line. They're the assembly line workers in the system. As for greens, the bosses who have the heart chakra in mind, they want to see benefits; they make sure that actual, true goodness and heart-felt encouragement occurs during the course of their money management. If it does, they have succeeded, and so shall you. Depending on the person, this could mean saving some money, but it could also mean spending it on a solution—the right solution.

So, while your master chakra may not be orange or green (and to find out, check out my book Discover Your Master Chakra), you can still use your own orange and green chakras to achieve better money flow AND more graceful money habits—if you just look within. If you model yourself upon the examples I've given here, you'll soon have true knowledge and awareness that money is the flow of all life, and no matter what amount, large or small, it can still create happiness and sustain us, if we take that perspective and apply it to the natural world.

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