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4 Ways to Identify a Sacred Sign

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Have you ever wondered if that coin on your path or the butterfly on the ledge outside your window is a sign? It feels like it may be, and a little inner voice tells you it is, but how can you be sure?

It used to be that noticing sacred signs and synchronicities was commonplace. Prior to the seventeenth century, signs played a vital role in our dialogue with unseen forces. Collective and individual choices and decisions were often made by noticing such phenomena as the flight path of birds, shooting stars, or the sudden sighting of a particular animal. Although different cultures looked to varying forms of phenomena and natural occurrences for guidance, there was a global acceptance of the importance of signs and synchronicities.

Eventually we turned to scientific inquiry to provide information and answers, and over time our reliance on receiving guidance and direction through naturally occurring sacred signs greatly diminished. However, the unseen still communicates in this way, and, with a little awareness, we can regain our trust and ability to communicate with divine presence, angels, loved ones in spirit, and other spirit beings.

Our reasons for seeking sacred signs and synchronicities (or meaningful coincidences) are similar to what they were hundreds of years ago. Many look to signs for guidance, comfort, for insight before making a decision, to feel the presence of a loved one on the other side, and to feel their interconnectedness with a greater divine power and love.

Although we no longer have the intimate connection with the natural world that we once had, signs still manifest through animals, birds, and nature. However, divine presence and the spirit realm also expresses itself through present day objects, events, and things. Where once we may have gained insight through the markings on a tree branch, we might now receive guidance through noticing the recurring numbers on a car's license plate or through a series of roadside signs.

Sacred signs and synchronicities speak to our intuitive nature and frequently bypass logic and reason. When we first encounter one, we often experience a sense of elation, insight, or clear guidance or direction. Unfortunately, the intuitive gut awareness that confirms their presence may be short lived. One we begin to overthink their validity, we all too often dismiss signs for lack of concrete evidence.

If you find yourself debating and wondering if you have encountered a sacred sign or synchronicity, here are four common, tell-tale characteristics and attributes that can confirm their identity.

  1. Get Your Attention.
    When looking out the window or driving down the street, has something mundane or commonplace, like a bird in flight or a construction site, ever captured your attention? You felt drawn to it and noticed its detail, and have the odd sense that it is a sign that has something to tell you. The feeling or connection that you experience when looking at this particular object, event, or natural being is significant in a way that you cannot explain.

    When this happens the thinking voice in your head may try to persuade you to ignore the nonsensical feelings and get back to the important business of being logical. However, this is a powerful moment. If you can trust your inner feeling of connection, even when it does not make sense, the door to a very communicative universe opens. Your capacity to receive higher guidance and insight increases and your ability to decipher and understand what you receive strengthens.

    Quite often, the magic of sacred signs and synchronicities begins when the undefinable and non-logical spark of awareness gets your attention. If something feels like it might be a sign, trust that it is.

  2. Repetition or Patterns.
    One of the most common ways that sacred signs and synchronicities emerge is through repetition, perhaps the most familiar of which is the re-occurrence of numbers. Seeing repeating numerals, like ones or twos, or a particular number pattern (such as 121 or 7788) are significant. In the same way, noticing a specific species of bird or animal, such as spotting a fox or wild turkey more than once within a short span of time, or continually encountering only green or red lights while driving, are sign indicators.

    Signs and synchronicities might also emerge through the repetition of ideas, thoughts, or experiences. For instance, I recently gave a reading to a woman who wanted to know why she was not able to feel the presence of her mother who had passed over a few years prior. Distraught by her inability to know if and when her mother was with her, my client asked her mother to send her a sign.

    "Your mom keeps showing me the color pink, pink flowers, pink curtains, pink clothing, anything pink. She says that this is her sign."

    "Oh, thats interesting," my client said. "Pink was her favorite color. Almost every room in her house was some variation pink. Sometimes I see flashes of pink light. I thought maybe I was imagining it. Now that I think of it, I parked in a different spot at work yesterday and when I got out of the car the walkway was lined with pink geraniums."

    If you miss a sign, don't worry, another one will appear. The spirit realm is industrious and ceaselessly devoted; they will repeat signs over and over in an attempt to get your attention. As long as you are open and receptive, angels, spirit beings, loved ones on the other side, and the divine presence will not give up.

  3. Physical Sensations.
    Your body can alert you and be an expert indicator of the presence of a sacred sign or synchroncity. Some experience the sensation of their heart opening or feel warm soothing energy spread through their body when they encounter a sign. Shivers of energy running up your spine, the hair on your arms standing up, or a fluttering sensation in your gut or solar plexus are a few other somatic signals. If you experience any of these, pay attention; you may knowingly or unknowingly be in the presence of a sign or synchronicity. Usually we experience these sensations when we become aware of a sign. However, they might also occur as a signal to be alert to an impending sign.

    For instance, while riding the subway to work one morning, my client Tabby, told me that the hair on her arms and the back of her neck suddenly stood up, sending tingles through her entire body. A moment later as the doors opened at her stop, she noticed an advertisement on the wall in front of her that said, "The Time is Now." She instantly felt that this was a message meant for her. For several weeks she had been going back and forth in her mind debating whether or not to apply for a different position with her present employer. After seeing this sign, she decided to talk to her supervisor as soon as she got to her office.

  4. Timing.
    The spirit realm seeks to respond to our requests and needs. When we are in the midst of a challenge, grieving or uncertain and feeling alone, we may turn to a loved one in spirit, an angel, or the divine presence for answers, guidance, comfort, or assurance. Unfortunately, the emotions and stress that we are experiencing may make it difficult to access the clear intuitive guidance and connection that we would like. It is often during challenging or significant times that sacred signs and synchronicities appear.

    For instance, maybe you are concerned about a health condition and you wish that your mother or father who is on the other side was present to help you. Soon after, you unexpectedly hear the name of a particular health care practitioner from more than one source or while scanning social media you come upon a post from someone who has a similar health issue recommending an informative health related book that help him or her.

    If you find yourself wondering if something is a sacred sign or synchroncity, take a moment to contemplate what is currently going on in your life. Are you unsure about a choice you need to make? Have you recently made a decision and now you wonder if you did the right thing? Do you miss a loved one who passed over? Have you been feeling lonely or on your own?

    A common characteristic of sacred signs and synchronicities is that they are timely. In addition to surfacing when we ask for one or when we are in need, they may also occur at the beginning or end of a project, relationship, or enterprise. They can warn us of a present or upcoming condition or alert us to a positive opportunity. Encouraging us to pursue a dream or idea or congratulating us on a recent accomplishment, signs let us know that we are being watched over.

The spirit realm loves to communicate through sacred signs and synchronicity. The more you notice signs, listen to them, and act on them, the stronger and more prevalent they become.

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