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8 Tips For Turning ANY Coloring Page Into Magical Ritual


There's no denying that coloring is fun and relaxing, but it can also be magical—literally. Add a few esoteric elements, timing, and intention to turn ANY coloring page into a magical tool. Below are eight tips for doing just that.

  1. Have intention. Before you crack open that shiny new pack of colored pencils (and before you do any spell), it's imperative to know what you want. It's been my experience that magic (or prayer or whatever you call your communication with the Divine) works best when your intentions are clear. Take the time to figure out and articulate what you *really* want and need. "I want to win the lottery!" may solve an immediate issue, but what's really needed and wanted might be some sort of financial stability.

  2. Pick an image with which to work. Once you know what you want, it's time to find an image that expresses your intention. There are loads of symbols, gods, herbs, crystals, sigils, words, animals (etc., etc., etc.,) that can be used to draw energy to a spell: Saint Michael for protection, roses for love, dollar signs or coins for wealth, an eagle for confidence. The most important thing to consider is the image YOU associate with your need. What does your heart say? What resonates with you personally? Consult your instincts and intuition as well as your favorite esoteric and spiritual resources to determine the subject of your coloring page. Magic is always most powerful when it comes directly from you.

  3. Create Sacred Space. Of course you can color anywhere, but if your coloring session is going to be a magical act, do it in sacred space to add another layer of potency to your work. Maybe you're lucky enough to have a space in your home that's your personal temple. Maybe your sacred space is outdoors in a back yard or public park. Cast a circle, smudge away negativity, burn incense and candles and play music to cleanse and charge the energy around you and set the mood for ritual. Don't forget to bless and charge your coloring implements—they're your magical tools in this work!

  4. Do some practical prep work. One of the nice things about coloring is that it doesn't have to be completed in one sitting (unless that's part of your plan). Once you've set your intention, you can always go back to it. Still, it's a good idea to tend to work-a-day details so they won't interrupt your coloring session: If possible, set aside a chunk of undisturbed time to devote to coloring magic. Disconnect from technology as much as possible and put your cell phone on vibrate. Lay out and organize all of your coloring, crafting and magical (see #8!) supplies beforehand for easy access so you can focus completely on your intention. If you're anything like me, grabbing time when you can, make a coloring kit with your image, a clipboard (for where-ever coloring) and supplies.

  5. Make a mantra. Remember your intention? Boil it down to its simplest form—one word, or a single, simple sentence, preferably one that's ACTIVE and POSITIVE: "I let go of what no longer serves me." "I have all that I need." "Love finds me." Think, sing or say your mantra aloud or to yourself while you color to help you focus on your intention. You can also write your mantra directly on the coloring page: Trace the words of the mantra with your finger across the page as a blessing. Create a frame around the edge of the coloring page with the mantra. Does your coloring page feature a god, goddess, animal, or spirit being? If space allows, add a cartoon bubble with your mantra to have the being speak it with you!

  6. Color with your heart. Colors, like symbols and images have traditional meanings:
    • Red is the color of passion. It's also associated with the root chakra.
    • Depending on the hue, blue can denote clarity (a clear blue sky) and calm (the lovely crystal waters of the ocean).
    • Sunny yellow embodies positivity and confidence (as expressed by the Solar Plexus chakra).

    Color formulas—endless depending on the proportion of the hues in each combination—create unique energies:
    • Add passionate red to confident yellow and you get orange, the color of creativity, and the Sacral chakra, the body's center of creativity.
    • Peaceful blue plus hearty yellow equals healing and abundant green.
    • Put red and blue together and you get purple, the color of divine communication.
    • Black added to any color adds shadow as well as protection.
    • Mixing colors with white lightens them, and also adds an element of purity.

    Equally important (and all too often ignored) are the personal associations we have with color. Your unique personal history, upbringing, and cultural and spiritual path will influence your perception of color. Think about what you're trying to accomplish and the colors that you personally associate with it. Follow your gut as well as your favorite resources when determining what colors to use when you color for magical work.

  7. Release Perfection, Precision, and Permanence. Working magic is a serious business, but it can also be fun and should be uplifting—after all, we work magic to effect change that will bring comfort and relief. To that end, focus on your intention rather than creating a perfect work of art. Pursue precision when it aligns with your intention, but don't beat yourself up over perceived mistakes. Like Bob Ross says, "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents!" And don't feel that you're creating something that's meant to be kept forever…

  8. Think outside the crayon box. Anoint your coloring pages with oils that will enhance your intention. Brush them with fragrant herbs that aid your focus. When you're finished coloring, fold up the paper so that you can put it in your pocket—or into a fan to blow away troubles, or into origami shapes that suit your needs. Bury or burn your coloring page or leave it out in the rain where nature will reclaim the paper and take your intention to the universe. Pile it high with crystals to intensify the work you put into it.

What magic have you made? While all coloring page and magical workings aren't meant to be shared, I would love to see and hear about how you used coloring to enchant your life! You can head over to my blog post for a free PDF coloring page and special spell download, and to leave comments about your magical coloring!

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