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Tea Recipe and Calming Spell

Calming Cup of Tea

There's a good chance that you or someone you know is dealing with stress. In a moment of high stress, this simple tea reminds us of the benefits of calmness and ease. Drink a cup of calming tea before bedtime, as a daily practice, or brew it whenever needed.

Brew 2 cups of water in a kettle. While the kettle is boiling, add 2 teaspoons of lavender buds and 2 teaspoons of chamomile flowers to a teapot. Pour the water over the lavender and chamomile. Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to the tea and let it steep for nine minutes. Strain the tea into your favourite tea cup and sip while hot.

If you are able, get super comfy. Maybe that means getting under the covers of your bed or changing into your pajamas and snuggling on the couch with a blanket and your cat. Whatever comfort means to you, do that. When you're good and comfy, sip the tea.

Recite the following words three times: "I am calm. I am present. The chaos of my day is banished for at least as long as it takes to drink this tea."

If you have someone in your life you associate with calmness, poise, and equanimity, picture them now as you recite the words. Perhaps you associate calmness with a place—a river's edge, a valley of flowers, that bed and breakfast you stayed in recently. Imagine that place as you recite the words. If you're aligned with a god, goddess, or otherworldly friend that exudes calmness. Dedicate your cup of calming tea to them an act of devotion as you recite.

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