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A Spoken Spell to Open Roads in Your City to Your Intentions

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You need to have a stated intention in mind. Yes, you can use this to find a job, or discover hidden treasures of the city. I encourage anyone working this spell for the first time to set the intention of opening the road to strong social bonds with people and/or spiritual beings of integrity. These connections—those with beings of honor, kindness, and accountability—are part of aligning with the most positive aspects of your city spirit that you can.

Find a place that you consider the heart of your city. Be patient, but not too picky. Cities aren't perfect. Neither are you. You may sense some guidance of where to go; sometimes finding the place that feels right for this can take a few visits to different locations. Bring four pennies and a little bit of water.

Stand as close as you can safely get to the center of this space, and pour out a little water while calling a greeting to your land spirit. Then pour out a little more water and call out a greeting to your city spirit. Add a water offering for any other specific spirits you work with that have any direct connection to the land you stand on and the city in which you stand.

Turn to each of the four cardinal directions, offering a penny to the spirits of the neighborhoods that lie in each direction. Yes, it's fine to add pennies for the grid points (northwest, southeast) as well. You may even want to offer something for those that live underneath the city surface and the activities that go through the city sky.

Speak the spell:

I stand at the center of the grid,
I wait, [Name of City]. I wait for you to open the way.
Any obstacles fall by the grace of [Name of City]
I call by the power of traffic's thrum, by the pulse of heartbeats on street grids,
by the fierceness of the lightning moving through building walls—open for me, powers of the city, open the road [Name of City] I am in your rhythm, your movement, your spirit, your space.

[Name of City] open the way
[Name of City] open the way
[Name of City] I ask that you [state your intention]

Repeat from the first line until you feel truly heard. Pause for a count of twenty, to hear anything the city spirit might have to say to you about this. After your results manifest, perform an act of service to the city, however you may define that.

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