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Evidence of Extraterrestrials: An Introduction

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I have always been drawn to the unknown. From a young age I have looked up at the sky and wondered if there's more life than just what we know of here on Earth. At fourteen years of age I picked up Alien Agenda by the late Jim Marrs and as I eagerly read each page, I became more captivated by the concept of extraterrestrials. From there on, I read countless books on the phenomenon and started carrying out my own research on the topic. The hunger to know more and to learn about the possibility of advanced beings sharing the universe with us intensified. There have been many sleepless nights of pondering the possibilities of who we are sharing the universe with and what their intentions could possibly be. For over five years I have been collecting information on unidentified flying object (UFO) cases, acquiring declassified documents and carrying out interviews with experts in the field, most notably with the late Stanton Friedman.

The study of UFO phenomenon is often overlooked and ridiculed, and although many people believe that there is life outside our planet, the idea of these beings visiting our planet is considered a "tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory." Whenever the term UFO is brought up, most people immediately picture little green men piloting a flying saucer, even though this is rarely the case. The reality is that the majority of UFO cases can easily be explained as a natural phenomenon or a misidentification. It is only in very few cases that the reported UFO is, in actual fact, an extraterrestrial aircraft. It is for this reason that we must keep in mind that just because an object is unidentified, it does not mean that it is extraterrestrial in origin; a bird, a military aircraft, or a satellite can be unidentified flying objects.

I have had countless conversations with people who have mocked the phenomenon and disregarded it as being unimportant. These experiences are what motivated me to write Evidence of Extraterrestrials. What follows in the book is a comprehensive account of every significant UFO sighting that has proved to me that extraterrestrials exist, that they have been visiting our planet, and that they are truly more advanced than us in every aspect. The cases covered in Evidence of Extraterrestrials are very thought-provoking and, as we shall see, this phenomenon is far greater than many people are aware of. It is also important to point out the fact that all of the details that are mentioned in the book are accurate and are not dramatized in any way. As a matter of fact, an important guideline that I followed throughout the making of Evidence of Extraterrestrials is that each and every case has been approached in an unbiased and objective manner.

I truly hope that my book will expand your thinking and will evoke you to ask existential questions about life and the universe. Many people believe that there is life out there, but not many people consider that these extremeley advanced beingd will help you gain more knowledge and awareness on the phenomenon. The cases in Evidence of Extraterrestrials are events that have happened in our history and I firmly believe that these cases prove what my younger self wanted to know: that extraterrestrial life does exist, that it always has, and that these beings have visited our planet much more frequently than one might think.

Classification of Sightings
Dr. J. Allen Hynek—an American astronomer who is well known for the extensive research he has done on unidentified flying objects, alongside being the advisor for the United States Air Force's Project Blue Book, Project Sign, and Project Grudge—created a classification list for UFO reports. The cases covered in Evidence of Extraterrestrials mostly fall under one of the first four categories.

Level 1: Nocturnal Lights: This category includes reports of lights in the night sky.

Level 2: Daylight Discs: This level refers to reports that include unidentified flying objects in the daytime. These reports usually describe a disc-shaped or cigar-shaped object carrying out erratic maneuvers, appearing and disappearing out of nowhere, and travelling at great speeds.

Level 3: Radar-Visual: This category includes all of the reports in which the unidentified flying object has been tracked on radar. The radar sighting improves the credibility of the report.

Level 4: Close Encounters of the First Kind: This category includes reports that are made by individuals who have had a visual sighting of an unidentified flying object from a close distance (seemingly no more than 500 feet away). Since the individual is in close proximity to the UFO, these accounts usually contain great detail and description of the flying object.

Level 5: Close Encounters of the Second Kind: This level includes the reports in which physical contact with an entity has been made or a type of physical effect has been induced. The effects do not necessarily have to be anatomical, but may include malfunctioning of electrical equipment and vehicles, radioactive readings and trace markings on the ground.

Level 6: Close Encounters of the Third Kind: These reports include the presence of an extraterrestrial entity.

The following classifications are extensions added by the others and not by Dr. J. Allen Hynek himself.

Level 7: Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind: Close encounters of the fourth kind include occurrences in which an individual has been abducted by an interplanetary flying object or the beings piloting the aircraft. This category also includes reports in which an individual experienced a distorted sense of reality. Such cases would include symptoms such as hallucinations or missing time, which is when the individual cannot recall what had happened in a certain time frame. Missing time is extremely common whenever an individual has had physical contact with an extraterrestrial.

Level 8: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: These reports include communication between a human being and an extraterrestrial. Communication can be both vocal and telepathic, although most abductees report that communication was solely made through telepathy.

Discover the cases that provide startling proof in Evidence of Extraterrestrials.

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Warren Agius (Malta) is a longtime UFO researcher, known for his unbiased approach to factual evidence. He has personally interviewed UFO contactee and bestselling author Whitley Strieber as well as the late ufologist ...

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