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14 Crystals for Clearing, Protecting, and Transmuting

Crystals for Healing

The Magic of Connection introduces a variety of crystals, which are excellent tools to help us clear, protect, and transmute energy through these cords of connection to provide healing—instead of cutting the cords. Crystals work well with us because, unlike us, they have a fixed rate at which they vibrate, while we have entropy or chaos. The crystals are steady, so we entrain to their energy.

It is important to remember that what might serve as a protective crystal to one person might cause someone else to feel shaky and unsteady. You see, people are different and, as such, respond to crystals in different ways. However, generally speaking, most crystals have a universal consciousness that seems to carry the same properties for most people. But it is a good idea to be confident it is a crystal you really connect with as opposed to what others tell you. You can test this by holding the crystal in your non-dominant hand. Become mindful of how your energy responds to the energy of the crystal. Are you calm, excited, revitalized? Do you feel heat, electricity, or any other physical sensation?

With that said, here are some crystals that help us clear, protect, and transmute energy. (All are referred to as crystals here, although some are not technically crystals.) Use this list as a starting point. Then see if the crystals resonate with you.

  1. Selenite: The Sage Crystal
    You can use selenite in lieu of sage as it clears energy and other stones. Use it just like you would a smudge stick. This use of selenite helps clear you and your space of any stagnant or unwanted energy. You might become very relaxed or even sleepy after working with it. Interestingly, it also helps with achy joints because it is clearing away unwanted energy.

  2. Black Kyanite: The Chakra Balancer Crystal
    Black kyanite is the go-to crystal (along with selenite) for clearing and sweeping away all negative energy as a broom sweeps away dirt. You can then use it over each of your chakras to balance them quickly. It also helps you ward off psychic vampires that drain you of your energy.

  3. Black Tourmaline: The Transmutation Crystal
    Black tourmaline absorbs, deflects, and transmutes negativity. It is ideal for placing at your front door, in your car, at your office, and on your body. In The Magic of Connection, I explain that no matter how many protective measures you take, we all absorb energy; therefore, at some point, you should learn to transmute the energy yourself. The book walks you through the transmutation process with many exercises and tools to help. Until you become a proficient human black tourmaline, these crystals are greatly needed.

  4. Lepidolite: The Anxiety-Buster Crystal
    Lepidolite will help you calm any stress or anxiety you are experiencing. Sometimes we all allow outside influences to enter into our auric field or our energetic space so much that we begin to experience anxiety. The lithium contained in lepidolite will help you reshape any anxiety into a more calming and soothing energy. Dealing with any anxiety will allow you to progress from protecting against negative energy to transmuting energy. This takes you from defensive mode to empowerment.

  5. Goldstones: The Alchemy Crystals
    Goldstones are called human-made crystals, although they are actually glass mixed with another substance (such as copper). The lore is that Italian monks accidentally tipped copper into a container of glass and made red goldstone. For this reason, all goldstones are stones of alchemy. The glass was accidentally or magically transformed into a beautiful crystal. Choose which goldstone to work with based on the situation you are attempting to rectify. You can use any of them for situations where you feel an accident has occurred, and you want to transmute the perceived unfortunate event into a positive one.
    • Red Goldstone: The Motivational Crystal
      Red goldstone is formed with glass and copper. It is helpful when you lack the motivation to do much of anything, much less transmute energy. It will help you begin to feel a connection with others. As you start to interact with others, you will become livelier. On a more challenging note, red goldstone is an excellent crystal to use when dealing with transmuting energy involving an intimate relationship. You can place it on your sacral chakra to work with this type of situation.

    • Blue Goldstone: The Multi-Dimensional Crystal
      Blue goldstone is formed with glass and cobalt and represents strength and beauty like a star-filled night. Blue goldstone is useful when you are in an untenable situation where you need to send healing through a cord of connection and maintain your boundaries. This may be in an abusive situation where clearly the parties involved do not need to reconcile, but there can still be healing. The blue goldstone will allow you to witness the healing rather than a participant in this reality.

    • Green Goldstone: The Forgiveness from a Distance Crystal
      Green goldstone is formed with glass and tarnish-resistant chromium. This goldstone is ideal for situations where you have trouble breaking away because you find it difficult to see your true worth. However, once a light is shone onto your heart chakra, you may feel unnecessary shame because you stayed in an abusive or undesirable situation. The green goldstone will help you forgive yourself and forgive the person who harmed you. However, this forgiveness will take place from a distance. In other words, while there is no cord cutting because we are all one, there is forgiveness, yet it is done from a physical distance.

    • Purple Goldstone: The Higher Consciousness Crystal
      Purple Goldstone is formed with glass and manganese. It is rarer and associated with your higher self. This rarity makes it perfect to use when you are ready to transmute energy because transmutation is also rarely used. You have to be in your higher selves or superconscious to transmute energy.

  6. Black Obsidian: The Shadow Side Crystal
    There are many times a cord relationship will bring up those areas in your life you might want to keep hidden from yourself or others—your shadow side. Black obsidian arrowheads were often used to symbolize cord cutting; but you don't want to cut; you want to heal. You can still use black obsidian, but it is vital to use it sparingly in the event that a lot of emotions bubble to the surface like a volcano. You might consider beginning your work with golden sheen obsidian.

  7. Apache Tear: The Grief Relief Crystal
    When the Native Americans were driven from their lands, it is said their tears turned into these obsidian nodules known as Apache tears. These are the ideal crystals to use for times when you are going through grief, whether it be from the loss of a job, loss of a lover, or loss of a loved one. You remain corded to each of those situations or people. Apache Tear is ideal to use once you are ready to begin healing the cord. The grief may remain, but you will be able to find hope with the Apache Tear.

Purple Crystals: The Violet Flame Crystals
The ascended master St. Germain helps you transmute energy with his violet flame. The following purple crystals represent the energy of the violet flame.

  1. Amethyst: The Transmutation by Fire
    This purple quartz gets its color from iron. What many people don't know is that most citrine is actually heated amethyst. This is genuinely transmutation by fire. The Greeks named amethyst for the word "undrunk," and believed it kept you sober even if you drank alcohol. This has gained amethyst the reputation of being a stone for helping break addictions, which is a type of cording and is also a type of transmutation by fire. Use amethyst to remind yourself that you are an alchemist and can change the form of energy. Even better, you can do it under pressure—transmutation by fire!

  2. Ametrine: The Higher Power Crystal
    Ametrine is the natural combination of amethyst and citrine. Watch out because there are a lot of fake ametrines out there. But the natural ones combine the qualities of these two powerful quartz crystals bringing about a beautiful connection between the solar plexus and the crown chakras. Ametrine is the ideal crystal to foster courage when you feel you are not worthy or good enough. It helps you know that you are here for a purpose and that healing of your self-worth can take place. Additionally, you can find joy and a state of bliss with this type of transmutation.

  3. Amegreen: The Higher Love Crystal
    Amegreen is the natural combination of purple amethyst and prasiolite (green amethyst). Both are quartz and bring clarity to the cord situation that you are attempting to transmute. These two beautiful forms of quartz connect the crown and heart chakras. Amegreen is perfect to use when you want clarity regarding how to heal and transmute a situation involving matters of the heart. It also will help you show more compassion to Mother Earth, to whom you are also corded.

  4. Citrine: The Cheer & Clear Crystal
    Citrine has often undergone a transformation in that it may have been heat treated by humans. It is a quartz, so it clarifies and amplifies. It is the perfect crystal to remind you that if you practice transmutation, it will eventually bring positivity and cheer into your life even when there are difficult situations or people to transmute.

There are many different ways to work with crystals to bring about transmutation. The Magic of Connection takes you through many exercises to work with various crystals. While holding the crystal, you visualize the energy needed to heal the cord and transmute the energy. Although there are many other tools to assist in transmutation, crystals are a beautiful and tangible way to represent your journey to healing and empowerment.

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