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Magic Broom Tarot Spread

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Do you have doubts, blocks, or challenges that you can't seem to sweep away? This spread from the Witchling Academy Tarot will help you figure out exactly what is blocking you from reaching your goals. It will sweep out any negative energies that you don't need anymore so you can make room for positive opportunities to come your way.

Witch's Broom Tarot Spread
  • Position 1: What negative dust bunny is blocking me from moving forward?
  • Position 2: How can I sweep away this blockage so I can move on with my life?
  • Position 3: What sparkling new opportunity is waiting for me to claim?
  • Position 4: What actions can I take to claim my new opportunity?

Excerpted from Witchling Academy Tarot by Pamela Chen & Mindy Zhang.

About Pamela Chen

Pamela Chen is the creator of Crystal Unicorn Tarot, Witchling Academy Tarot, and the book Enchanted Crystal Magic. Her mission is to bring magic and manifestation into the mainstream. She is also a business, wealth, and ...

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