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An Ancient Egyptian Secret to Opening Intuition

Kundalini Yoga Pose

In the middle of west Hollywood, a slightly older woman walks silently into a room. She has a glow, yet one can sense she has been through trials. Head somewhat bowed, as if deep in thought, she is steady in her measured gate. It is precisely 8:50 AM. Everyday she is there, even on crutches, with a cold, or having been struck with the loss of a friend. If by chance, she has been unavoidably detained, someone is there in her stead, and she makes sure of it. Inside this room is a palpable energy. Strange to say the least. It is a place that has no advertisements, no financial agenda, and most importantly, no barriers to entry. Sitting in this room are people of all walks of life, here, equal in their humanity.

As the woman walks in, the excited chatter in the room dulls to a deep silence. The woman sits for a moment, looking around, feeling the group. She places her hands together and closes her eyes. She breathes in deeply and with remarkable force she begins to chant, "ong namo, guru dev namo." She does not rush and does not check to see if people are thrown off by this in the room. Her heart and soul fill the sound as if the very balance of the universe hinges on these words. She opens her eyes and smiles. The consciousness in the room is now connected, the energy has shifted.

On one day, not unlike any other, she has chosen to teach one very secret yogic exercise. She reads from one single sheet of paper with a steady voice after welcoming each person whose face she does not know. Many have travelled far, across oceans, anticipating this moment would arrive. They feel, in the core of their being, they are being offered a gift that carries both responsibility and magic.

The woman, sitting without makeup, without a mask, without fear, reads. She notes that the she is presenting this day is said to activate supernatural powers. It is one of the most powerful meditations she has ever found and she begins to explain how to do it. It is not easy. It requires focus, endurance, both strength and flexibility. It has specific placement of the hands, eyes, and the rest of the body is held to allow the rib cage to expand. There is a strange monotone recording that begins to play. The people in the room do their best but struggle to maintain their focus and the position as their muscles tire. Their minds wander as the woman yells in a nurturing tone for them to keep up.

After eleven minutes, it is finished. The people in the room feel fatigued in mind and body but lit up in their soul. After class, a few of the students approach the woman quietly and ask if they may have the instructions on the sheet so they can try again. She smiles mysteriously and when she gives them the instructions, she warns with a very serious tone, "Hold onto this. It is not easy to find."

Months later, the meditation is still being practiced by some of the people that decided to take it up as a daily meditation. Akin to curious scientists who watch the mitosis of mitochondria as they bond and morph with other cells consistently, slowly, creating new energy at the atomic nucleus of matter. Similarly, their lives and perspectives shift, one day at a time, as their endurance builds, their focus is strengthened, and their energy field morphed to something that allows their third eye to step into another realm. The meditation is passed slowly from one person to the next as they experience and hear about it. It slowly spreads and sometimes it is inserted, with some trepidation and many prayers, into a book to give more people these deeply esoteric intuitive abilities.

These secretive powers, brought from ancient Egypt, are being revealed, not for profit but because it is time. The Aquarian Age is being brought forward by many initiates of many lineages of ancient magic. My book Kundalini Energy is meeting the world, maybe in a small splash or perhaps in a wave carrying momentum under what is visible above the water. It will go where it is meant to go. Within its pages are no colors, no promises besides those that have already been experienced. This meditation is tucked conspicuously into Chapter 6.

In the twentieth century, these meditations were released to the public for the first time. They had previously only been available to royal lineages. It was foretold that whoever revealed them would die within a year. That almost happened. Ultimately, these meditations need to be given freely to revive the spiritual soul of the planet. That is the task given to us, those that are called to the light, to bring it forth.

The lineage of kundalini yoga comes from the original raj or laya yoga. It is an esoteric form of yoga focused on spiritual awakening. The more physically focussed yoga most popular in the west prepares the body for these meditations and the alchemical transformation of consciousness that transforms and sheds dense and heavy emotions so one can sit with their soul and contemplate their purpose. Logistically, this practice teaches one the nuts and bolts of the energetic system, how it interacts with our body, and how to hack our intuition open safely. The meditations become more effective once they are practiced over time, day by day. There is no replacement intellectually for experiencing this energy and it is practically futile to try to understand or explain because the words are so insignificant compared to the feeling.

Kundalini energy is a bridge between spiritual systems, the rituals that bond them, the ultimate aim they point people towards, and the future we can step into. In a time of division, distraction, and global sickness, let yourself become illuminated and heal others with these powerful practices.

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