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Summer Vacation Ideas by Astrological Sun Sign


Time is precious, and you may only have one week of it to use for vacation. Do you spend that time hanging around the house or enjoying an exotic getaway? Every year millions of people have an important choice to make: where to spend their vacation. You want to make sure you'll have a wonderful vacation, no matter your destination!

So what can you do (besides surfing the Internet, calling a travel agent, or revisiting old stomping grounds) to find the best vacation that suits your needs? Consult an astrologer! Many of the answers you seek regarding the perfect vacation for you are found in your birth chart. Each zodiac sign has different preferences. Your chart will show what type of hobbies and recreational activities you'd enjoy. Did you know that each city, town, state, and village has a birthday, too? Whatever day they were incorporated is their birthday. If a city's birthday is April 2 and you are an Aries, it's likely you will feel very much "connected" and comfortable in that particular city. Likewise, if you are an Aries and your opposite sign is Libra, you may not enjoy a Libra-ruled town as much. So do some research before you buy your next airline ticket. For now, here's a few vacation suggestions based on each of the twelve sun signs.

Aries: You are a fire sign who needs a list of things to see and do to hold your interest. You'd enjoy a city that has a lot to offer: gambling, shows, nice restaurants, shopping, etc. You won't be bored in New York City, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, or Chicago. You like to try new things and are most happy to visit sites you've never seen before. It's important that the city you visit doesn't roll their streets up by 7 pm. A busy night life is crucial, as you prefer to stay up late, and sleep in late too.

Taurus: You are an earth sign, and being "one" with nature appeals to you. You like to get away from the bustling work place, relax, and enjoy being lazy! How wonderful it would be to lay on a beach for few days, soaking up the sun with a cool drink in one hand and a TV remote in another. Camping in the Smoky Mountains would be perfect! A trip out West to the Grand Canyon would be ideal as you appreciate the beauty nature has to offer. Make sure that wherever you go, you can indulge in wonderful, hearty meals, as you are a connoisseur of good food. For some Taurus, a trip to wine country in California may also be a pleasant experience.

Gemini: Your short attention span means you get bored very easily so any vacation you plan needs to have a little bit of a lot of things. Being born under the sign of the Twin, you probably like to do "two" things at once or stop at different places during your trip. Sunny California has a lot to offer because of its short distance between some amazing cities. Take Los Angeles for instance. You could visit LA and then head over to Hollywood, from there to Beverly Hills, and then perhaps the Santa Monica pier. A kid at heart, Disneyland would be a fun vacation for you, too. You love people-watching, and you should look for opportunities to do just that when traveling. Also, opt for places that can teach you new things. You're ruled by the planet Mercury, and will enjoy museums, tours, and places of historical significance. Cities well-known for concerts, plays, and comedy clubs are great choices to consider also.

Cancer: Being a water sign, you feel at home near lakes and oceanfront properties. A beach resort may be a good idea for you. Because you are a sensitive, sentimental person, you must feel an emotional connection to places you travel or you won't return for future visits. Older towns, rich with history, that boast of quaint Victorian villages or southern cities like Savannah and Charleston may interest you. It would be wonderful for you to visit places to which you can trace back your family tree. History entices you, as does anything to do with "the past." So, civil war battlefields and towns with an Americana "feel" are good choices. Cancers are big on cruising because it fulfills many of their vacation needs: the water, exciting ports and bargain shopping. Plus, there are delicious desserts at the midnight buffet!

Leo: You love the glitz and glamor of a big city. Bright lights call you. Las Vegas immediately comes to mind, as Leo is one the luckiest signs in the zodiac. Most Lions love to gamble! Shopping is another favorite pastime, so cities that offer a huge array of stores should be considered. But don't overlook the small towns that host the outdoor flea markets. You can use your bargaining skills as well as shop to your heart's content. Shipshewanna, Indiana, an Amish community, has a summer flea market with over 1,000 booths and vendors. The Mall of America would satisfy any Leo who thinks they've seen every store imaginable.

Virgo: Because you are the worker bee of the zodiac, it is very important to make and take time for yourself. You are apt to be very cautious with money, but your vacation is something you may save all year for, so give yourself permission to splurge. I suggest a resort spa, somewhere you can be pampered for a change. There are some nestled in the larger cities of Arizona that are known for their wonderful services. You will not appreciate a city that is noisy, crowded, or dirty. You need to be in serene, pleasing surroundings. Perhaps a getaway to a charming, turn-of-the-century bed and breakfast would suit you. Or a resort town where you can hike on nature trails and shop the quaint stores. Consider visiting Mackinac Island, Michigan: a serene, magical place you can only access by ferry (cars are not allowed). It may be the perfect, relaxing getaway for you.

Libra: Places of beauty and serenity draw the Libra. But you are a social butterfly, too, so shopping, dancing, and fine dining are a must. Cities with theatre and art are wonderful choices. Libras love to dress up and go out to dinner, but they also crave a peaceful atmosphere. Perhaps Booth Bay Harbor, Maine would appeal to a Libra. You could drive through the winding countryside along the water, stopping to sit on rocks overlooking gorgeous lighthouses and watch magnificent sun sets. How romantic! Then head back for an elegant dinner in town with fresh lobster, wine, and candlelight. Libra are die-hard romantics, so they're always thinking about someplace wonderful to take their mate.

Scorpio: Mystery, power, money, and sex interest a true Scorpio, so you will enjoy a city that offers a little of all four. New Orleans is a good example because it combines ghosts, voodoo, casinos, and Bourbon street, and has a powerful energy all its own. Of course, any place near water is also a super idea since Scorpio is a water sign. Scorpio also like to be "alone" once in a while. You need privacy; an isolated log cabin surrounded only by nature would be enticing. As far as foreign locales, the sexy city of Paris would be a good choice. New Orleans' French Quarter reminds me of Paris—it has that seductive European "feel" that a Scorpio feels "connected" to.

Sagittarius: The Archer loves to travel. Any foreign city will do! You love adventure and trying new things. As a Sag, you hate to be tied down, so should tend to travel more often than other zodiac signs. Your love of the great outdoors could take you mountain climbing and hiking throughout the West. You love visiting culturally diverse cities, where there are many unique people. Think Toronto, NYC, and Miami. Foreign travel is usually your best bet because it fulfills your need to learn about other philosophies, religions, and ways of life. If you're a Sag, it's best not to put yourself on a schedule. Avoid long, tedious tours. Opt for self-guided ones instead. Then you have plenty of time to see the sights that appeal to you and more than likely, they are on off the beaten path and away from tourist traps.

Capricorn: Historical places with upscale accommodations interest most Capricorns. You'll want to get "a lot of bang for your buck," so look for the best deals at the nicest spots. You may rent a beautiful condo overlooking a gorgeous Caribbean beach. Or, you may check in to a five star hotel in Manhattan, dine at the finest restaurants and catch a Broadway show. Capricorns want to go "first class," but you are also very down-to-earth nature lovers. Perhaps Martha's Vineyard or a hideaway in the Virgin Islands should be a consideration. You prefer the affluent areas recognized for their exclusivity, culinary feasts and designer shopping.

Aquarius: You love to venture to places you've never been before. Many of you like to travel in groups and with friends. Aquarians are very spiritual. Visiting Sedona, Arizona or Casadaga, Florida may be perfect places for you, the Water bearer, to book a getaway; both places are known for their spiritual communities and opportunities to get in touch with one's self. Traveling to places that are "people friendly" is a must, like Orlando, Florida (home of Disney World). The western part of the country is known to draw Aquarius, as you enjoy the warm weather and wide, open, untouched places.

Pisces: Pisces are fish—fish out of water. Anywhere there's a fresh body of water, you'll find a Pisces type. As a Pisces, you love to "escape" from your everyday routine, so vacations are important to you. Many Pisces travel just to get away and don't care where they go, but some plan their trips a year in advance. Gambling is a favorite past time, making Atlantic City or Las Vegas perfect for a quick getaway. The Gulf Coast has a lot to offer, as well as Hawaii, where a Pisces can choose to do absolutely nothing or indulge in water sports, shopping, and dancing under the stars. Romantic cities should also be high on your list of places to visit.

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