A Purification Ritual

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Lilac

In most mornings, I take a walk along the river near my home. By the time mid-August arrives, I begin to see signs that summer is fading. For instance, wild geese can be spotted flying along the river toward their southern winter homes. And over the river on these mornings, I see the mist rising from the cooling ground. Old timers call this "river smoke"; and indeed, it is a thick and curling white color as it lifts into the morning air. Beautiful and mysterious, river smoke reminds me of the purification rituals I perform to cleanse new magical tools. When-ever I obtain a new ritual tool, I cleanse them in the following manner: In a heat-proof dish, combine dried lavender, wormwood, and a pinch of sage. Ignite these items, and let them smolder awhile. As the smoke curls about you, say:

Smoke rise,
Let me be wise.
This (name of item) is cleansed.
I will use it only for good. `

Your item is now ready to use.

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