Finding Balance in Life Spell

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Dill

Sometimes it can be difficult to create peace and harmony. We have so many different obligations and responsibilities to fulfill that we become unbalanced and stressed out. We may find ourselves focusing too strongly on one area of our lives (such as work) and avoiding other areas (our relationships or health). We can create more harmony with spellwork to help rebalance our lives. To prepare, set aside a space in your room or home where you can make a small altar. Gather a special rock, a feather, a red candle, and a bowl of water. For the spellwork, place the four objects in the four directions on your altar. For the northern earth element, place the stone. For the western water element, place the bowl of water. For the southern fire element, place the candle. And for the eastern air element, place the feather. Light the candle and honor each of the directions in your life. Water is associated with emotional health. Earth is associated with work and health; air with relationships and mental states; and fire with creativity, sexuality, and the spiritual. With your prayers ask for balance in all four areas of your life.

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