Strengthening the Foundations of Your Intentions Spell

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Sage

Capricorn is associated with the earth element and with foundations in our lives. By strengthening our spiritual core and foundations, we help ourselves to be more solid and grounded in our beliefs and our goals. Without a solid core to depend on, our lives are as precarious as any building with a week foundation. To prepare for this spell you will need a few dark rocks such as obsidian, jade, or onyx. You will also need some root herbs such as ginseng and licorice. And you will need a small box no more than a few inches in diameter, and four darkly colored candles. On the night of the New Moon, place the four candles in the four directions and then light them. Ask for assistance in your magical work, and then open up the box before you. Place the roots and the rocks inside the box. As you do this, say aloud your basic beliefs and your core intentions in life. Make these words clear and heartfelt. The roots and stones are symbols of your intentions. As you place them in the box, ask that these foundations may support you on your journey and that positive manifestations will flower from these good intentions. Keep the box on an altar until you feel you need to renew your foundation work.

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