Confusion Clearing Coffee Spell

Color of the day:  Indigo
Incense of the day:  Parsley
Color of the day: Indigo
Incense of the day: Parsley

Mornings are usually a time of confusion. The body is waking up and the mind slowly comes alive. But what if the confusion continues? Sometimes, issues cloud our vision throughout the day due to relationship problems, job trouble, or just ordinary stress. To remedy this, pour your first cup of coffee into a yellow mug. Add sugar and say,

To sweeten the view,
so I may see,
I face this vision
Add milk and say,
Show me, show me.

Do not stir the coffee. Watch the milk as it settles into the coffee and see what patterns develop. While you finish your morning routine, think about how the vision applies to the problem at hand. It may be necessary to repeat the spell for best results.
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