Get that Job Spell

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Marjoram

A particular job caught your attention and you really want a chance to get in and interview for it. You know you can make that important impression and that you are the best person for that job. Make sure your résumé is up to date and follows the most current format. Do your homework; search résumé formats online and make sure you use spell-checker and grammar guides. On the back of the résumé, make a pentacle with your finger. You are protecting your résumé as well as making sure it outshines all the rest. You are making sure this résumé gets to the proper person, gets read, and gets proper consideration. A clear format, impeccable grammar and spelling, and the right qualifications will always get you noticed for that special job. And a little extra magic never hurts!

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