Write a Memoir

Color of the day:  Coral
Incense of the day:  Violet
Write a simple memoir about a psychic or magical experience. Memoir comes from the same root as memory, and is usually about a particular event or subject. Those "How I spent my summer vacation" essays we wrote in grade school are good examples of "simple" memoirs.
This is not your autobiography, which would be a detailed account of your life. If you keep a journal, looking through it would be a good starting point. Think of an experience you have had that no one else has gone through, or that you have a unique perspective on. Write it as if you were writing a letter, or dictate it into a microphone, telling your story.
Memoir is in the first person, and is more like writing fiction than reporting facts. How did you feel? Why do you remember this? What happened next? Put your thoughts in writing for yourself; if you like what you've written, show it to people when you are finished.
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