Divination and Synchronicity

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Balsam
The world we live in is alive and sacred. Many religious people tend to be unaware that God, or Spirit, permeates every piece of existence. Instead of projecting spiritual energies solely to outside forces, witches and magicians prefer to recognize the divine nature of all things. Because reality itself is spiritual on all levels, it is naturally communicating and interacting with us. As a result, answers to questions are around us and constantly taking the forms of intuition, synchronicities, and omens.
Here's a fun magical experiment to practice through the day. Try asking a question of the Universe. This question should not be a yes or no question, but should, instead, be an issue or situation that you would like clarity and insight on, such as "What will happen if I take this job offer?" or "How will the party this weekend turn out?" Ask this question out loud, and continue mulling it over in your head throughout the day. Observe any potential signs or synchronicities thoughout your waking day. Or you may, instead, wish to try closing your eyes, thinking about the question, then immediately opeing your eyes and looking around. Interpret any potentially meaningful symbolism, such as a stop sign, a newspaper with a significant headline, or even song lyrics on a random radio station. Open your mind to the ever-communicating Universe!
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