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Magical Foods

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Jasmine
Nothing says holidays like good food. Food brings warmth and comfort to home, table, and friends.
Barley is a healing food and should be added to stews and soups. I recommend chicken soup with barley.
Apples are for love, and cinnamon is for healing; a good apple pie will always bring out the best in family relations.
Maple syrup is for money drawing as well as long life. A wonderful way to add to your family's well-being is to add maple syrup to corn bread and serve it with stews and soups.
Mint is used to attract money and offer protection for travelers. Say "good luck" and "safe travels" with a sprig of mint as part of a table decoration or on a gift.
Finally, after each party, sprinkle salt and then sweep to remove leftover energy so you can start anew with the next group gathering.
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