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Shelter From the Storm

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Vanilla
Have you ever stood under an evergreen tree in a rainstorm? Thanks to the arrangement of boughs and needles, very little rain falls underneath the tree itself, leaving the ground below almost dry. Instead, the rain runs down the boughs and drips at the tree's root line, nourishing it while protecting the trunk from wet and rot.

Stop for a moment and consider those things in your life that both protect and nourish you. These might be as concrete as a roof overhead and a regular job or as esoteric as your family's love or the protection of a deity. Consider how each item provides shelter.

Make a list of those aspects of your daily existence that shelter you from life's storms and keep you safe and well. Tape the list to your bathroom mirror. Each morning, as you face the new day, read the list aloud and say:

"I am grateful for shelter from life's storms."
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