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The Iron Maiden

Color of the day:  Maroon
Incense of the day:  Geranium
Procure a large, used plastic kewpie doll's head and twenty-three rusty nails. Carefully poke each nail through the flesh of the doll's face, from the inside out. As you do so, incant the following and ask the doll's head to watch over and protect you from a specific enemy:

"Kewpie gri, watch over me, absorb
this hex of hate from (name of enemy).
Kewpie gri, da abbo bo mi."

If you are able to, acquire a photo or write the name of the person you need protection from on a small piece of black paper and place it inside the head of the doll. Hang this in a hidden place on your property and keep its existence to yourself. Upon completion, give a thankful eulogy to your kewpie gri. Make a small coffin and bury this powerful spell deep in a marked and honored grave adorned with living flowers.
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