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The Bees and Butterflies

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Marigold
On this Earth Day (which also falls on a first quarter moon), we can help to turn a corner on the worldwide imbalance of the insect populations, particularly the bees and the butterflies. Find or make an image or a figure of a bee and one of a butterfly. On an altar, place a gold candle on the left, then the bee image, a brown candle in the center, then the butterfly image, and a green candle to the right. Light the candles left to right to charge the images, saying:

"Golden light of energy and power,
balance restored, blessing unleashed;
cycle renewed for insect and flower,
heal the earth, butterfly and bee;
increase in strength hour by hour,
for good of all, the magic set free."

Extinguish the candles and place the images where sunlight will fall on them and you'll see them often. This helps to release the magic.
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