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Bury a Curse Spell

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Ginger
If you think you've been cursed, try this spell. If possible, perform this spell on a rainy day. Write the nature of the curse on paper. Describe what kind of curse you think it is, and why you feel you've been cursed. Take the paper and a shovel or hoe to a secluded area. Begin to dig a "grave" for your curse as you say:

"Curse, hear the power of this charm.
In this grave you'll dissolve into harmless dust,
And no longer will you cause me harm.
Father Sky, drench this grave with a cleansing shower.
Mother Earth, destroy this curse's power."

Drop the paper into the grave. Pack the loose soil over the paper using the shovel or hoe. Walk away, knowing the powers of Father Sky and Mother Earth are cleansing and destroying the curse. As the paper decays and the writing fades, the curse's power will weaken.
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