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Yuletide Spell to Plan Winter Work

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Alder
Yuletide can be festive, but it also is the time when we start to spend more time indoors, especially following the bustle of the holidays. More time indoors in winter means we can make time for projects we don't get to during warmer weather.

For this spell, hand-draw a simple calendar on a piece of paper. Use colored pens and make it eye-catching. Then get some colored sticky notes and write your individual projects on each one (make several for projects that will take more than one day). Keep the project notes on your altar for a night or two, charging them with intention.

Place the project notes on top of the calendar dates on which you plan to do them. If you don't get to it that day, simply move the note to another day. This allows you to be flexible and work according to your own time and energy. Keep the calendar in a visible but accessible place so you can move things as needed.
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