May Eve

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Basil
Bonfires and revelry! No matter what hemisphere you reside in and what season you are welcoming (the first blush of summer or the last of the harvest), this day, this evening, is a time of celebration. At dusk, gather loved ones around the warmth and the light of a fire pit or fireplace and serve refreshments. Should a fire pit not be an option, you can use candles, of all shapes and sizes. For safety, use those in glass containers, with complementary scents. Add tapers of differing heights, all ranged on a silver or mirrored tray. Feast on seasonal fruits and vegetables and cakes and ale. Music and dancing? Yes, indeed!

Elemental and strong,
Purifying and hypnotizing,
We celebrate your power.
Bright light of the gods,
Bring the luck of May
Into this home, this bower."
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