Starting a Magickal Journal

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Almond
This is the anniversary of the death of Samuel Pepys in 1703. He was a member of the English parliament and navy; however, he is best known for the diary he kept, which was later published.

We can apply Pepys's legacy to our personal spiritual practices. As a part of our practice, most of us keep a spiritual journal. If you already do so, today is a good time to consecrate and prepare or start a fresh one. If you do not yet keep a magickal journal, today is an opportunity to begin.

Take a blank journal and your favorite anointing oil or holy water, and stand before your altar. Hold the book to your third eye, beam your intent for the use of this journal into it, and then say a dedication of your choice while anointing the book down its spine. Place the journal on your altar to charge, then make an entry!
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