To Prepare the Home for Spirits

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Hyssop

Today Mercury is resting well in the sign of Scorpio, adding increased awareness of the spirit world and opening the lines of communication between our realm and those of our allies. Since the sun is also currently transiting the same sign, you are likely to find spirits in your home at this time, especially spirits of the dead.

Prepare for them by cleaning your home like you do when company is coming. Then set out a bowl of milk, a glass of wine or juice, a cup of coffee, and a few snacks. Light a white candle, and as you do so, set the space
by saying:

From under and over,
From within and without,
From behind and before,
I open the door.
Spirits join me,
If you are of good will.
I’ve set this space
For you to fill!

Allow the candle to safely burn for several hours before extinguishing it.

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