Binding Adversity

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Lilac

This spell will rid you of unwanted memories, energies, or other influences.

You’ll need:
* Black salt
* Small pieces of black crystals
* Fresh or dried herbs for burning (bay laurel, rosemary, thyme)
* A small iron cauldron or dish (or similar device for burning)
* A black ink pen
* White paper
* Black paper
* Black cord or yarn

Cast this spell outside, working on a dark or waning moon between sunset and midnight. Place the salt, crystals, and herbs in the cauldron. Say:

Now the binding begins.

Using the pen and white paper, write down what you wish to bind or remove from your life. Draw a circle around the words. Tear the paper into bits, allowing the bits to fall into the cauldron. Light the cauldron. As the paper bits and herbs burn, intone:

Through blackened fire, may _____
no longer darken my thoughts.

Let the cauldron contents cool, then place on the black paper and roll, burrito-style. Tie with the cord and bury outside. Say:

Now it is done.

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