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Snow Problem at All

Color of the day:  Scarlet
Incense of the day:  Cinnamon

By this time of year, most people are tired of the winter cold and are ready for spring to arrive. Since spring is still a few weeks away, we can harness the energy of this last bit of winter to remove a problem or obstacle from our lives.

Create a symbol of the problem you wish to remove, or write down the problem on a piece of paper and fold it into a small square, making each fold away from you. If you live where there is snow, gather some into a freezersafe container (with a lid) and bring it indoors. If not, use some crushed ice. Bury the symbol or paper deep in the center of the snow or ice and place the lid on tight. Put the container in the freezer with these words:

Power of winter, this issue resolve,
freeze, remove, scatter, dissolve.
Freed from the problem and
balance achieved, my gratitude I
give for this blessing received.

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