Fortunetelling with Scrabble

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Cinnamon

There are many ways of predicting the future. Scrabble tiles may be one of the most inventive and fun methods of all. Ask a question, throw the tiles, and see what words come up (if any). Or play a game of Scrabble with the direct and stated intention of receiving an answer or information. Always be prepared to accept an answer that is different from what you expected or perhaps even the opposite of what you’d hoped for. And remember that no answer is an answer. It may be a sign that there is no need for you to know just yet, or the universe is not ready to divulge that information, or it may not be your right to know.

Prior to any spell, it is wise to call upon a higher power for guidance:

A glimpse of the future I seek. Please,
friendly forces, give us a peek.
This request is offered with
a light heart, accepting your
answer in whole or in part.

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