Name Your Residence

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Ylang-Ylang

It is the custom in many countries to name their homes and properties. Some names are amusing (“Upson Downs”), some are geographic (“Riverside Manor”), and some are charming (“Rose Cottage”). Information about the residents may be in a name, like “La Maison des Belles Femmes,”which means the house of beautiful women.

Whether you share the name of your residence with the world in the shape of a plaque or signpost or keep it private for the family only, it is a fun idea to brainstorm a name for the place where you lay your head at night. Also, benevolent home spirits, (fairies, pixies, brownies, etc.) love and appreciate a named home and will keep their mischievous counterparts at bay. Invoke them:

This house, this home, the place
I where lay my head at night, be
blessed with this name, (name of
home), for all to see or in my private
heart. May the humans and spirits
dwelling within be happy and healthy
and know they are cherished.

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