Origami Divination

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Patchouli

Try your luck today with this spell to boost memory and focus on spiritual issues. Choose a paperfolding design that is simple and fun, like the frog. On twelve pieces of paper, write random answers like “most likely,” “perhaps not,” and so on. Couple these with a quote from a spiritual text to employ humor, irony, and enlightenment all in one memeworthy little note, such as “Never fry bacon in the nude,” or something more serious like “Truth is mighty and shall prevail.”

Then fold each piece of paper into the designated shape and spend the day distributing them to random people by chance or happenstance. Finding small ways to serve as a sounding board and inspiration for others will help any witch feel more closely connected to the thoughts and feelings of those around them. Random divination employs chaos and whimsy as well as our deep inner wisdom. Sharing your gifts will bring you a deep sense of joy and purpose.

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