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Maiden to Mother to Crone

Color of the day:  Maroon
Incense of the day:  Geranium

I was well through and done with the maiden life phase and into the mother phase before I discovered Wicca. Now, as a grandmother, I am experiencing the transition from mother to crone. In reality, these roles may not be as simple as the triad implies. At ninety-plus years old, my own mother is the genuine crone of our family. My daughter is no longer a maiden, but a young mother. My granddaughter is not yet a maiden.

Pause and reflect today on the particular phase of life you inhabit. Are you transitioning? If so, where would you place yourself on the path? Research those goddesses who are traditionally associated with maiden/ mother/crone. Perhaps you will discover some new or obscure deity with which to align your stage in life. Call to Demeter:

Demeter, symbol of steadfast and
patient motherhood, be by our side
through all the phases of our lives,
a reminder that maternal love is
everlasting and encompasses all.

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