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Invocation for Healing

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Eucalyptus

Sundays are associated with the solar goddess Brigid, the Celtic goddess of hearth, home, healing, and inspiration. Today, invoke Brigid to ask for a bit of healing energy for those you know are in need of it and who desire such divine energy.

You will need a white candle and a chime, bell, or rattle. Optionally, include an image of Brigid (as a saint or goddess) or a Brigid’s cross. Set the items up on your altar or as their own temporary altar. Safely light the candle and ring, chime, or rattle to announce your presence and begin your invocation. As you envision the glow of the candle as healing light, recite the following:

Lady of the flame,
Lady of healing,
Lady of the holy wells,
Lady Brigid!
On behalf of all who seek comfort,
May we find your healing
power aflame in our souls.
So mote it be!

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