Puddle Banishing Spell

Color of the day:  Turquoise
Incense of the day:  Nutmeg

Sometimes the most ordinary things are magical. For example, the fact that puddles of rainwater evaporate and change form after a storm, rising back into the sky as invisible vapor, is pretty amazing. A natural phenomenon like this is a perfect tool in magic.

For this spell you will need a pinch of salt, an ice cube tray and some water, and a puddle of rainwater that you know will dry up eventually.

When a problem is weighing heavy on your mind, hold the pinch of salt in your hand. Send your negative thoughts into the salt, visualizing it becoming gray and murky with unwanted energy. Now place the salt in one square of the ice cube tray. Fill the square with water and freeze.

Next time it rains and puddles form outdoors, retrieve your ice cube. Choose a puddle and place the ice cube in it. Imagine how, over the next few days, the ice cube will melt into water and then the water will transform into vapor, disappearing into the air. As the puddle dries up in the sun, so should your problem be resolved.

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