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Lighthouse Protection Spell

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Rue

Today is National Lighthouse Day. A lighthouse is both a form of communication and an aid to travelers. It marks a dangerous stretch of shore so ships can avoid it. That makes it ideal as a symbol of protection.

For this spell you will need a lighthouse. It can be a pendant, key chain, hair clip, belt buckle, picture, or any other item you can carry easily. You will also need a recording of a foghorn and the surf to play during the ritual. Any lighthouse and beach will do for the recording. Finally, you will need some salt and a bowl of water.

First turn on the sound and listen to the foghorn and the waves. Hold your lighthouse image in your hand. Concentrate on its purpose and say:

Lighthouse, keep me safe from unseen
shoals and other hazards as I travel.

Mix the salt into the water and sprinkle the lighthouse with it. Say:

Following your guidance keeps
me safe through the storms.

Carry your lighthouse whenever you travel.

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